The new dawn of eDiscovery is
upon us

The new dawn of eDiscovery is
upon us

Cloud Collection Tool speeds a high-profile congressional investigation

  • Government
  • Congressional investigation
  • 1.2M documents

What was the business challenge?

To rapidly collect and process data from hundreds of cloud systems including Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, and Office 365. Without missing a thing.

How did Casepoint deliver?

Casepoint was picked over a whole host of other eDiscovery solutions thanks to the innovative and powerful built-in features it offers. The client loved the
range of capabilities we offer as standard:

  • Secure, automated cloud collection capabilities without the muddle of multiple password access
  • A pure, 100% cloud-based solution that works seamless across popular data repositories
  • Big Data analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Technology assisted review (TAR)
  • Access from any device, on any browser, at any time

Secure ‘one-click’ authorization and cloud collections from most cloud-based data repositories.

Casepoint’s reputation for strong project management and a simple, predictable pricing structure also helped clinch the deal. Casepoint was a perfect fit for the matter
and therefore became an easy choice for the client.



Real customer stories

“Casepoint’s cloud collection tool rapidly culled 1.2M documents down to 30K reviewable ones to support a complex congressional investigation.”

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