Native Lotus Notes processing saves the day

  • Corporation
  • Financial matter
  • 4TB of data

What was the challenge?

Casepoint was charged with rapidly and reliably processing large quantities of potentially relevant financial documents and emails. These were held in Lotus Notes functional and email databases. Converting Lotus Notes data into an intermediate format, such as Outlook, before processing is famously risky and can result in lost or impaired data.

casepoint lotus notes
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How did Casepoint deliver?

Thanks to our native Lotus Notes processing capabilities, Casepoint made fast work of processing over 4 TB of complex data such as Lotus Notes email, document libraries and forms. We cost-efficiently prepared the data for filtering, review, and production. A tough job, made simple. By avoiding first converting data to a more standard format such as Outlook, we accelerated the whole processing timetable, reduced costs, and eliminated numerous risks such as:

  • Loss of key metadata, attachments, and embedded objects
  • Loss of duplicate identification and records


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