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Transform your eDiscovery investment: get rid of your stack.

Casepoint eDiscovery, the preeminent application built on Casepoint Platform, provides full-spectrum and end-to-end eDiscovery for all users.


What more can you possibly need?

  • Intuitive interface so you can get up and running in no time.
  • Speed that has been hailed as “close to instantaneous as possible.”
  • A team that realizes defensibility is reliant on all levels: the company, the web application, the data center, and the database being highly secure.

Artificial Intelligence.

What sets Casepoint apart is the belief that AI
is not an upsell opportunity; rather it is
a core part of the experience for any
savvy eDiscovery user. You can count on
AI being present in ECA, Review, and everywhere
you need it to be to improve your findings, efficiency,
and final results.



You now have the option to choose between
private cloud, public cloud, or on-premise options.
Casepoint even offers 
the ability to use a hybrid
of the three. The options are endless.

Consistent, yet evolving.

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