Meet CaseAssist

Proactively thinking with you.

Casepoint is revolutionizing the way eDiscovery is performed by anticipating your needs and being proactively helpful. Casepoint is picking up on signals and cues from legal teams and translating them into actionable insights and document recommendations.


Useful documents are automatically surfaced with CaseAssist by identifying patterns and key themes without labor-intensive search queries or creating training sets. CaseAssist’s AI algorithms accelerate the eDiscovery process, locating crucial documents and aiding in business decision-making regarding case direction.

  • Augments Casepoint’s TAR suite to deliver fast, brilliant results.
  • Suggests relevant documents and patterns in non-invasive manner.
  • Works while you’re asleep so you can wake up to recommendations in your inbox.
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Dynamic TAR

Casepoint’s powerful Dynamic TAR technology uses adept AI-based active learning algorithms to quickly sift through material and pinpoint legally significant documents. The system trains its learning algorithm to know what relevant looks like using initial keyword searches, review, and tagging so that case teams get precisely documents they need: nothing more, nothing less.

  • Thanks to AI core, TAR flexes easily to embrace new documents.
  • It adapts fast to reflect emerging patterns and tags.
  • Remains smart, intuitive, and useful at every stage.

Automated Case Evaluation

Casepoint’s Automated Case Evaluation functionality lets you analyze large amounts of data in a short period of time. Our advanced algorithms enable you to navigate through data sets using various filters and classifications in order to quickly narrow down, or cull, data before review begins in earnest.

  • Fast data ingestion and easy culling.
  • Reduce data from a mountain to a pile.
  • Advanced filters and data classification.

DeNist, DeDupe, Near Similarity

Further reduce noise using a number of Casepoint’s analytics tools. Remove what’s unnecessary so you can focus on meaningful evidence, save time, and decrease litigation costs. Seriously, how good is that?

  • DeNist - start your analysis with removing unnecessary system files from your document collection with Casepoint's fast and accurate DeNist functionality.
  • DeDupe - enjoy easy deduplication in Casepoint to eliminate redundant files and further reduce data size.
  • Near Similarity - easily search the entire database for similarly worded documents by simply highlighting a snippet of text - a few words, sentences, or even paragraphs.

Document Recommendations

Once an expert reviewer reviews the sample, Casepoint’s TAR system can apply their logic to the remaining documents in the corpus and automatically classify the remaining documents based on that logic or recommend related documents.

  • Statistically valid process.
  • Auditable results.
  • 10 times faster review speed.

Explore Additional Features

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Unicode compliant

View and search documents in over 60 foreign languages. Casepoint also comes with fully encrypted instant translate tool to allow you to get the general sense of content before you incur any translation costs.

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Fully responsive

Enjoy all the features and full functionality of the platform on mobile or tablet. As it was developed in HTML5, Casepoint will look and perform the same across all browsers and devices and remain highly secure.

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Shared Space

Easily upload documents via a web browser interface and share them with co-counsel and clients. This feature also lets you review documents with our online document viewer and separate full-text index from the document review.