Extract, examine, and get to the root of the matter - fast.

Want fast, accurate data culling and processing delivered to your specifications?

Casepoint has been supporting secure, defensible data collections from the most popular cloud-based data repositories since 2014. We also give you advanced analytics capabilities to visualize, filter and cull documents.

Robust data processing engine

Our data processing engine is a sophisticated module that extracts metadata, text, and the original document format for review within the Casepoint review system.

  • Fast and powerful technology supporting all standard load file formats.
  • Process difficult file types, including expertise in Lotus Notes.
  • Fast access to exception reports and anomaly detection.


Analyze a dataset for privilege, responsiveness, and specific issues related to the case. And achieve fast, accurate, auditable results using machine learning and a statistically valid process.

  • Identify and review statistically significant sample.
  • Apply set rules and decisions to the sample data and tag documents as appropriate.
  • Launch TAR against your tagged documents for speedy review or removal.

Complex data processing

Casepoint supports hundreds of file types – in fact, we can process all known eDiscovery formats. Even with the most complex data types, such as Lotus Notes, we don’t convert into intermediary formats and can still extract all relevant metadata and underlying file types.

  • Supports hundreds of file types.
  • Process difficult file types fast.
  • Expertise in Lotus Notes files.

Processing and hosting services

Process data for our own Casepoint eDiscovery platform or for export to industry standard formats. Either way, exception logs, anomaly checks, and feedback reports come built in, so you can be certain that your specifications have been met.

  • Each job handled as custom with workflow monitoring.
  • Developers on standby ready to address any new data types, password protected files, or encrypted data.
  • We make sure you get exactly what you asked for.

Explore Additional Features

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Data dashboard

Use this feature to easily see where your data is in the Casepoint workflow. Identify file types and data ranges before the data moves to ECA or review, email date range identifiers, or generate de-NISTing reports.

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Shared space

Easily upload documents and share information without an FTP or Microsoft SharePoint site and collaborate effectively within the familiar Casepoint interface.

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Fully responsive

Enjoy all the features and full functionality of the platform on a mobile or tablet. As Casepoint was developed using HTML 5, it will look and perform the same across all browsers and devices and still remain highly secure.