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Frequently asked questions

How does Casepoint compare to competitor tools?

Casepoint offers all the full-featured eDiscovery capabilities you’d expect. In this respect, our solution is similar to other tools on the market.  However, we do offer some very important extras. Our clients tell us that Casepoint is easier to navigate. It takes fewer clicks to get where you want to go. Also, Casepoint gives you one unified platform, which means once your data is ingested, all the discovery phases are supported within a single solution, from Processing, ECA, Analytics and Review to TAR and Production.

However what truly sets us apart is our CaseAssist Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality, which comes pre-installed into Casepoint. This greatly enhances document analysis and review, saving you time and money. No other platform out there gives you anything like this.

How does your pricing work?

Our standard and most popular pricing model has two primary components: an hourly fee for our services team and a per GB, per month cost for the Casepoint technology.  That said, we’re in a unique position to be very flexible with our pricing to meet the unique needs of our clients. So come and talk to us.

Are there specific technical requirements for using Casepoint?

No, and that’s one of the great beauties of our approach. Casepoint is a cloud-based solution, so you can use any internet browser on any platform and any device to access your data. There’s no need for any add-ons, plug-ins, or installations.

Does it include tools for early case assessment (ECA)?

Yes. As a unified eDiscovery platform, Casepoint includes a comprehensive ECA module. From simple de-duplication to complex analysis of the documents, Casepoint can help you process data to isolate the smallest, most relevant dataset for review.

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