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With our proven commitment to innovation, security, and forward-thinking guidance, we’ve established ourselves as the industry leaders in legal discovery technology for litigation, investigations, and compliance.

Innovation and Success

Our customers love our ability to innovate quickly based on their needs. Casepoint’s 400+ software developers, engineers, and testers are dedicated to building and continuously upgrading the industry’s best legal discovery platform

We listen to our customers, and our history of action proves it. In the past two years, over half of our product upgrades and innovations came directly from customer feedback. We’re proud of the success our customers have achieved with Casepoint.

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Trusted Innovation

Our innovation is driven by the needs of our customers, and we relentlessly deliver. We created and integrated technology assisted review (TAR) years before our competitors. We implemented HTML 5 before it was commonplace, and we’ve automated quality control (QC) batches since our original platform was released. We stay ahead of the game to give you the solutions you need.

Trusted Security

Casepoint was born in the cloud, and maintaining the highest possible levels of security has been our number one priority since we began in 2008. Our policies, procedures, and company culture are all focused on keeping your data safe and protected around the clock, with continuous monitoring and the highest standards of security at all levels.
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Trusted Expertise

At Casepoint, we are a team of talented, caring technology experts with backgrounds in the legal industry. With this valuable combination of technical expertise and legal experience, we’re able to fully understand the needs of our customers and help them achieve outstanding results with our award-winning legal discovery platform.
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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to enable our clients to uncover actionable insights at enterprise scale. Our vision is to empower the global Casepoint community with intelligent technology while achieving meaningful experiences and outcomes.


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Our Values

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