Collect with Ease. Process with Power.

Take action more quickly with our powerful legal discovery technology for secure, defensible data collections. Easily connect and upload data from cloud-based data repositories, and start your review faster with our powerful data processing for hundreds of file types.

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Automated Collection

Save time and reduce risk with seamless, direct collection of documents and data, without the need for usernames or passwords. Our disruption-free, scalable, and defensible collection technology is powerful, simple, and secure.

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Powerful, Fast Processing

Casepoint can process data faster than typical single-purpose systems, with workflows collectively distributed and powered by hundreds of servers. Simplify complex data with support for 600+ file types, and agile development to add more as needed in the future.

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Data Analysis & Dashboard

Easily see where your data is in the Casepoint workflow. Identify file types and data ranges before the data moves to ECA or review. Email date range identifiers, generate de-NISTing reports, and more.

Collect Quickly, Securely, and Defensibly.

Direct Collection from your Platform

Direct Collection from Your Platform.

Start quickly, easily, and defensibly using our powerfully simple collection technology. Collect data securely and directly from your cloud-based platforms, using user-controlled authentication tokens instead of additional logins or sensitive data like usernames or passwords.

  • Identify, preserve and collect cloud-stored data
  • Full support for encrypted authentication
  • Reduce cloud security risks & maintain privacy
All Data. One Solution

All Data. One Solution.

With Casepoint, you’ll be able to collect directly from today’s most popular platforms, with new integrations launched continuously to meet the growing number of data sources and platforms.

Collect directly from platforms like Slack, Office365, Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook Exchange, Dropbox, Box, and more.

Collect and Analyze Data Directly from the Cloud

Microsoft Office products

Outlook, Microsoft’s email tool

OneDrive, Microsoft’s file hosting service

Gather all of the data from Google

connect directly to Gmail

Gather all of the data from Google Vault

Casepoint can connect directly to DropBox

Gather all of the data from Box

Casepoint can connect directly to Slack

Gather all of the data from Slack Enterprise

Save Time with Powerful, Fast Data Processing

Robust Data Processing Engine

Robust Data Processing Engine

Casepoint supports hundreds of file types – in fact, we can process all known legal discovery formats with a powerful data processing engine to manage simple and complex data processing, with extraction of metadata, text, and the original document format for review.

We can even process complex data types such as Lotus Notes, extracting all relevant metadata and underlying file types without the need to convert into intermediary formats.

Data Processing for Review or Export

Data Processing for Review or Export

While most customers process their data for review within our end-to-end legal discovery platform, it’s also possible to export your processed data into any industry standard format. 

Either way, exception logs, anomaly checks, and feedback reports come built in, so you can be certain your specifications have been met.

End-to-End Legal Discovery with AI

Collection & Processing

As our powerful technology processes data from 600+ data types, our AI helps to reduce data and assess your case as early as possible, reducing the time and expense of manually reviewing irrelevant documents and data.

Review & Production

Find and deliver data faster using our AI-powered active learning (or TAR 2.0) to continuously predict and rank unreviewed documents. 

Trial Prep & Case Strategy

Our AI helps you build a convincing case by finding and showing the connection between key facts, documents, data, and people.

Security & Collaboration

Reduce risk with secure, centralized data and role-based security. Save time with cloud-based collaboration, simplified for varying roles and permissions.

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