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Finish faster using Casepoint’s robust, award-winning review technology within an end-to-end legal discovery platform. Manage any size of case using powerful, built-in AI and technology assisted review (TAR), with support for multiple simultaneous reviewers to develop a strong case strategy.

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Finish Faster with AI

Powerful, easy-to-use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics will help you accelerate review, build confidence in the results, and make decisions faster. Our built-in AI works in the background to find crucial documents, identify relevance, non-relevance, privilege, and more.

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Analytics-Driven Efficiency

Save valuable resources with more efficient review. With our CaseAssist technology for advanced analytics, legal teams can identify key documents quickly, and also identify non-relevant documents for faster culling of large data sets.

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Secure Collaboration

Save time with secure, cloud-based collaboration for large number of multiple reviewers. Our private, end-to-end legal discovery platform delivers both security and simplicity with customized access levels and role-based security. 

All of Your Document Review Needs Addressed

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One Powerful Platform Developed by Legal Technology Experts

Casepoint’s Legal Discovery Platform covers the EDRM workflow end-to-end to help you efficiently manage
all your legal discovery needs.

One Powerful Platform

Leverage a Unified eDiscovery Solution For an End-to-End Experience

Collection & Processing

As our powerful technology processes data from 600+ data types, our AI helps to reduce data and assess your case as early as possible, reducing the time and expense of manually reviewing irrelevant documents and data.

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Review & Production

Find and deliver data faster using our AI-powered active learning (or TAR 2.0) to continuously predict and rank unreviewed documents. 

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Trial Prep & Case Strategy

Our AI helps you build a convincing case by finding and showing the connection between key facts, documents, data, and people.

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Security & Collaboration

Reduce risk with secure, centralized data and role-based security. Save time with cloud-based collaboration, simplified for varying roles and permissions.

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