We Know You Have Questions About Generative AI

We Know You Have Questions About Generative AI We Know You Have Questions About Generative AI



At Casepoint, We're Committed to Getting This Right

Casepoint is trusted by the world's largest corporations, law firms, and government agencies to solve mission-critical data management and discovery challenges. We work tirelessly to deliver user-friendly enterprise technology that saves our customers time and reduces overall legal spend. So we understand the importance of responsibly deploying new technology.

However, the emergence of Generative AI has raised the stakes.

Given the potential of these models to reshape AI’s impact on both our personal and professional spheres, we are taking this opportunity to state our Generative AI principles and openly share them with our community. We believe it’s more important to deploy this technology the right way than to be first to the market.

Our GenAI Principles

Casepoint is committed to providing Generative AI solutions that are Human-Centric and rooted in TRUST.

What Does Human-Centric Mean?

We believe, in the practice of law, we should never lose sight of the human minds. Generative AI can be a powerful aide, but no technology can replace innovative human. Our focus is, and always will be, to keep people at the center of what we do. That means combining human and artificial intelligence to deliver insights faster so our clients can achieve their desired legal outcomes.

What Does Rooted in TRUST Mean?







Full transparency means providing clear information on how we use your data, the methodologies behind our results, and the ability to opt out if you so choose. We believe informed users are empowered users, and we are committed to keeping you informed at all times.


Our focus is on delivering verifiable results that meet your specific needs. We prioritize automation that is not only efficient and cost effective, but reliable. We understand that in the legal field especially, accuracy, precision, and defensibility are everything. We will continually strive to surpass these expectations.


Our commitment to user-centricity means creating a uniform design and experience throughout the Casepoint Platform. We want our technology to be accessible and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. To make sure of that, we listen to our customers — more than 70% of our product enhancements are derived directly from user insights.


Nothing matters more to us than the security of your data and the protection of your privacy. We adhere to the highest industry standards and best practices for data security. We are fully dedicated to safeguarding your information and addressing any privacy concerns you may have.


At Casepoint, we don’t chase after flashy technology for the sake of marketing or hype. Instead, we commit to purposeful technology that serves your specific use cases and needs. We work to make eDiscovery easier while remaining thoughtful and considerate in our approach.

Putting TRUST in Action

Having well-defined AI principles is a great start, but for these principles to hold any weight, we know they must guide us as we build and deploy this technology.

At Casepoint, we’re already well-accustomed to delivering AI technology. In fact, AI has been a part of our eDiscovery software for more than a decade. It started with TAR and near-duplicate identification. It has since evolved with active learning, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and portable predictive models.

And we’ve evolved with it.

Today, we have one of the most advanced data discovery solutions on the market, powered by proven AI technology.

Our Customers Rely on Our Built-In AI and Advanced Analytics Suite, CaseAssist, to:

Speed review and identify relevant data at scale.
Automate manual and repetitive tasks to cut review costs.
Find and review key documents quickly by searching for specific terms, dates, individuals, and essential information.
Achieve more targeted results with our Advanced Search.
Build "stories" from their data.
Identify similar documents, group the results, and find documents with specific text.
Cull documents with duplicate text using Near Similar search.
Streamline document review using email threading.

AI Product Innovation You Can TRUST

  • That’s just a glimpse of what CaseAssist can do. As you can see, we’ve worked diligently over the years to safely and thoughtfully introduce AI into our product line, and our approach to Generative AI is no exception. Though the technology has grown more sophisticated, the guiding philosophy has never wavered.
  • Again, we know you have questions. But we believe that deploying Human-Centric Generative AI solutions rooted in TRUST will ultimately provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Let’s Work

As your government agency, corporation, or law firm decides to explore or dive deeper into Generative AI, we welcome the opportunity to be part of the discussion. We know there are major considerations — legal, practical, and financial — when leveraging such impactful technology. And we can share the insights we have gained from speaking with our customers, prospects, and the industry, at large. We believe this will help you shape your AI strategy and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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