Preserve Critical Data. Collect with Ease.

Casepoint Legal Hold transforms slow, manual processes into streamlined workflows across roles and departments that are secure and defensible. Act quickly with automated communications, notifications, and custodian management inside one secure, eDiscovery platform. See how you can find relevant data 95% faster and achieve up to 57% reduction in discovery-related costs.

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The Solution to Simplifying and Streamlining Legal Holds

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Protect Defensibility and Save Time

With smart, customizable templates to quickly notify users, automatically track their responses, and link directly to the source log. Collaborate securely across departments with role-based security and permissions settings.

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Streamline Your Entire Legal Hold Process

With automated communications, notifications, and custodian management inside one secure, cloud-based solution. From data collection to preservation in a simple but powerful tool that connects with your litigation platform.

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Increase Efficiency With Automated Data Collection

Save time and reduce risk with seamless, direct collection of documents and data, without the need for usernames or passwords. Our disruption-free, scalable, and defensible collection technology is powerful, simple, and secure.

Automate Your Legal Holds.
Preserve Data In-Place.

Whether you’re trying to eliminate manual processes or replace your legacy legal hold software, Casepoint Legal Hold will save you time, increase efficiency, and improve compliance. From automated notifications, custom dashboards and reporting, and easy custodian management, Casepoint will make your legal hold process seamless, secure, and defensible.

For Corporations For Government

Bolster Compliance and Defensibility For End-to-End Success.

Manage the entire legal hold process in one platform. From customized templates to tracking logs, our legal hold software will streamline your data preservation and collection process long before litigation begins. Efficiently monitor the status and progress of preservation and collection efforts. Generate reports that provide the information needed to successfully manage legal holds.


The Casepoint Enterprise eDiscovery Maturity Model: How to Mitigate Risk and Lower Legal Spend

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Swiftly Issue Legal Holds with Ease For a Superior Workflow Experience.



Manage Communication

Customize Questionaries

Manage Custodian

Collect Quickly, Securely, and Defensibly.

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Direct Collection from Your Platform.

Start quickly, easily, and defensibly using our powerfully simple collection technology. Collect data securely and directly from your cloud-based platforms, using user-controlled authentication tokens instead of additional logins or sensitive data like usernames or passwords.

  • Identify, preserve and collect cloud-stored data
  • Full support for encrypted authentication
  • Reduce cloud security risks & maintain privacy
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All Data. One Solution.

With Casepoint, you’ll be able to collect directly from today’s most popular platforms, with new integrations launched continuously to meet the growing number of data sources and platforms.

Collect directly from platforms like Slack, Microsoft 365, Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook Exchange, Dropbox, Box, and more.

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See Why Our Clients Love Us

Andrew WrightLegal Counsel

Casepoint has provided a simplified but feature-rich solution that has streamlined our litigation support procedures and translated into significant cost savings.

Director of Investigative and Legal Discovery

Casepoint has been more than willing to adapt to our model of discovery. Casepoint’s ability to work with us and discovery counsel on productions, and the timeliness of the productions, have been exceptional to any other products that we have tried.

Joshua SpenceChief Information Officer

Switching to cloud-based legal discovery brings our state benefits both in the form of workflow efficiencies and security. Casepoint provides end-to-end discovery with an intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and scalability.

Leverage a Unified eDiscovery Solution For an End-to-End Experience

Collection & Processing

As our powerful technology processes data from 600+ data types, our AI helps to reduce data and assess your case as early as possible, reducing the time and expense of manually reviewing irrelevant documents and data.

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Review & Production

Find and deliver data faster using our AI-powered active learning (or TAR 2.0) to continuously predict and rank unreviewed documents.

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Trial Prep & Case Strategy

Our AI helps you build a convincing case by finding and showing the connection between key facts, documents, data, and people.

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Security & Collaboration

Reduce risk with secure, centralized data and role-based security. Save time with cloud-based collaboration, simplified for varying roles and permissions.

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