Investigate Faster with Less Risk.

Take action quickly when speed matters. Fast collection, powerful data processing, and AI-powered CaseAssist Active Learning technology within one secure, end-to-end platform.

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Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation Reaps Major Cost Savings in Internal Investigation

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Speed & Savings

Act quickly and reduce legal discovery expenses with faster collection, processing, and technology assisted review driven by CaseAssist Active Learning technology (CAL).

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Better Outcomes

Find & connect all relevant data within 600+ file types using our award-winning, AI-powered technology and advanced entity recognition.

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More Value, Less Risk

Begin and end investigation inside one secure, end-to-end platform with less transfers & easier collaboration.

AI and Analytics

AI & Advanced Analytics

Get more control, investigate faster, and reduce outside legal expenses with Casepoint’s powerful artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Our AI is built-in and works in the background to find, connect, and present crucial data much faster than manual, labor-intensive searches.

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eDiscovery: AI & Advanced Analytics

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eDiscovery Solutions for Organizations


Customer Success for Investigations

We’ll help you take control of your investigations and get started quickly. From day one, our legal and tech experts are here to help with your customized setup, onboarding, and ongoing support. We also offer advanced training and certifications through the Casepoint Academy.

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