Simple, transparent, predictable, all-inclusive pricing

Nothing hidden, no surprises.

Our drive for simplicity extends to our pricing structure.

Cut costs two ways

A bundled pricing approach lets you access our entire, cutting-edge technology portfolio for a lower overall price. You get one unified, reduced bill and stop having to pay for a jumble of ad-hoc technologies. Our smart tools also let you seriously cut typical cycle review times. On average, our clients lower their costs by 35%. Real economies of scale are yours.

Transparent invoicing

One all-inclusive price lets you avoid invoice muddles and having to unravel multiple unit prices. You can eliminate errors. And make it easy to generate accounts for audit.

Predict budgets

You just need to make one straightforward calculation. Simply multiply the data volume of each matter by the all-inclusive price. This gives you genuine cost predictability over the lifetime of a matter and makes forecasting litigation costs much simpler. No hidden fees. No per unit price fluctuations. Because honestly, isn’t budgeting tricky enough?

Why is our pricing approach good news for you?

You can enjoy unlimited monthly access to Casepoint’s features for one transparent price per gigabyte. There are no hidden user fees and professional services are provided on a clear time and materials basis.In addition to our top-notch technology, we pride ourselves on delivering value and transparency to our customers. Every part of our powerful platform is available for a single, all-inclusive price.

  • Dynamic TAR
  • Data filtering
  • Processing
  • Optical character recognition
  • Document review platform
  • Technology assisted review
  • Near duplication detection
  • Email threading
  • Data hosting
  • User licenses
  • TIFF conversion
  • Productions
  • Exhibit creation

Casepoint offers a choice of all-inclusive pricing models on a per GB data cost, although project management and technical services can be billed separately if you prefer. These choices are easy to understand and explain to others, so you can always select the most cost-effective solution for your matter. And know that our brilliant platform innovation will be rolled in and ready to use.

Are you paying more than you should? Why not compare Casepoint’s pricing to the cost of the tools you currently use? We strive to offer you genuine value and we can respond to RFPs within 24 hours. Request a quote.

Cost efficiency is critical. That’s why our simplified pricing bundles in most components of EDRM and condenses our fees to into just two clear billing items:

  • Pre-processing, including de-NISTing, de-duplication, data filtering, and Search Term Filtering (ECA)
  • Processing, hosted review, and production

Casepoint’s simple, two-step pricing makes every matter more cost-efficient. We start with data reduction, helping you identify a smaller, core data set – the one you will need to work with. We will then process this data, host it for review and produce it in the format required. All done and dusted.

This easy pricing model is one more great example of Casepoint’s dedication to giving our clients nothing but the best.

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