The Next Generation of eDiscovery.

Discover the most relevant data in less time within one unified and secure legal discovery platform, powered by artificial intelligence and supported by legal experts.

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The Casepoint Enterprise eDiscovery Maturity Model: How to Mitigate Risk and Lower Legal Spend

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Smarter, Time-Saving Technology

Quickly cull high volumes of non-relevant documents and automatically unearth relevant data with our award-winning, easy-to-use AI and advanced analytics. 

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End-to-End Efficiency in the Cloud

Fast and powerful collection, processing, review, and production within one seamless, end-to-end eDiscovery platform.

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Less Risk, More Collaboration

Reduce data transfers and collaborate safely using our private, cloud-based platform with role-based security for unlimited reviewers.

How Casepoint is an End-to-End Platform.

Preserve data related to a legal matter

AI Advanced Analytics

Review Production

Build your case simple

Security Collaboration

Legal Hold

Legal Hold

Create and manage a legal hold to notify custodians to preserve data for a legal matter. Customize your process with custodian information, email templates, and reminders.

Monitor the progress of the legal hold request and make changes along the way, such as adding custodians, as needed

Task Management

Track the status of job requests live in our Job Console app. Receive notifications as processes are completed.

Use the Review Batch Workflow and our Productivity and Progress reports to manage a document review project efficiently.

FOIA Solution

FOIA Solution

Simplify the management of FOIA requests. Create a customizable workflow using our technology to develop a solution for your unique FOIA needs.

Organize and track requests in the same centralized platform hosting your documents. Perform searches to identify documents and prepare FOIA responses quickly. Design your own reports that bring all of the critical information together.

eDiscovery Solutions for Organizations

Customer Success for eDiscovery

From day one, our legal and tech experts are here to help with your customized setup and onboarding, as well as ongoing support and proactive guidance.

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