The Next Generation of eDiscovery.

Discover the most relevant data 95% faster within one unified and secure legal discovery platform, powered by artificial intelligence and supported by legal experts.

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Leverage an Advanced End-to-End eDiscovery Solution For All Your Complex Data Challenges

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Smarter, Time-Saving Technology

Quickly cull high volumes of non-relevant documents and automatically unearth relevant data with our award-winning, easy-to-use AI and advanced analytics. 

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End-to-End Efficiency in the Cloud

Fast and powerful collection, processing, review, and production within one seamless, end-to-end eDiscovery platform.

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Less Risk, More Collaboration

Reduce data transfers and collaborate safely using our private, cloud-based platform with role-based security for unlimited reviewers.

The Most Trusted eDiscovery Solution in The Industry

It has never been more important to trust your eDiscovery software provider. Casepoint’s advanced solution supports leading government agencies, corporations, and law firms. We were the first to achieve the highest level of security certifications and have set records for our data processing capabilities. When we say powerful, we mean it.

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Manage Your Data in One Place. Everything eDiscovery on One Platform.

Manage all your data in one place in a truly end-to-end platform. Create Legal Holds, conduct data collections, process and review data, perform searches, and get access to machine learning AI in one easy-to-use solution.

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CaseAssist is Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence

Casepoint provides a powerful, end-to-end eDiscovery platform with advanced Machine Learning technology that is built in. Casepoint customers benefit from the ability to support sophisticated workflows across millions of documents and hundreds of users with custom reporting and data management capabilities.

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Find Relevant Data and Reduce Documents Quickly with Casepoint’s Advanced Machine Learning Technology


Process hundreds of file types



Review and Production

Trial Prep & Case Strategy

Security & Collaboration


Legal Hold

Create and manage a legal hold to notify custodians to preserve data for a legal matter. Customize your process with custodian information, email templates, and reminders.

Monitor the progress of the legal hold request and make changes along the way, such as adding custodians, as needed

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legal hold

Seamless Data Collection

Collect data directly from today’s most popular platforms, such as Slack, Microsoft 365, Teams, and more. We continuously launch new integrations to meet the growing number of data sources and platforms.

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Task Management

Track the status of job requests live in our Job Console app. Receive notifications as processes are completed.

Use the Review Batch Workflow and our Productivity and Progress reports to manage a document review project efficiently.

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FOIA Solution

Simplify the management of FOIA requests. Create a customizable workflow using our technology to develop a solution for your unique FOIA needs.

Organize and track requests in the same centralized platform hosting your documents. Perform searches to identify documents and prepare FOIA responses quickly. Design your own reports that bring all of the critical information together.

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The Casepoint Enterprise eDiscovery Maturity Model: How to Mitigate Risk and Lower Legal Spend

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Raising the Bar for Cloud Security

Casepoint’s high security and compliance standards are a core part of the company’s mission and philosophy to keep our clients’ data safe. We maintain a comprehensive list of security compliance certifications and attestations for our platform and data centers. This demonstrates our dedication and commitment to our company values and compliance with our security, privacy policy, and applicable laws and regulations.

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Organizations Our eDiscovery Solutions Support

See Why Our Clients Love Us

Andrew WrightLegal Counsel

Casepoint has provided a simplified but feature-rich solution that has streamlined our litigation support procedures and translated into significant cost savings.

Director of Investigative and Legal Discovery

Casepoint has been more than willing to adapt to our model of discovery. Casepoint’s ability to work with us and discovery counsel on productions, and the timeliness of the productions, have been exceptional to any other products that we have tried.

James KeuningDirector of Project Management and Innovation

The Casepoint team has become an extension of our firm. They support adoption through regular training sessions and our workflows have evolved with the introduction of their platform’s capabilities. They’ve also made the software much more convenient and efficient for users. This kind of thing makes a big difference to us.

Jenny SchwartzParalegal & Law Firm Administrator

We have been using Casepoint for two years. We could not be more happy with the product. Casepoint has been a wonderful resource. It is intuitive, user friendly, and broad-ranging in its capabilities.

Lauren M. KaramAssociate

Casepoint is an excellent program that is user friendly. Casepoint has great features; I particularly like the ability to break documents into batches. This provides an easy way to break out documents among multiple reviewers. Very happy with Casepoint and cannot stress how easy it is to navigate!

John DegnanPartner

When we do encounter a unique issue in one of our cases, Casepoint always finds a creative resolution to assist us. We also find the platform one of the most intuitive and easy to use.

Mark StanleyChief Information Officer

Casepoint offers a platform that feels like our own. Casepoint provides a well of quality expertise and ready assistance. We have aligned with a great technology partner.

James KeuningDirector of Project Management and Innovation

Casepoint’s software is intuitive and top-tier. Casepoint stands out by doing a superior job of keeping it intuitive and is always making improvements.

Dana Wesley SartiLitigation Support Manager

Selecting Casepoint to consolidate our eDiscovery technology infrastructure firm-wide in a secure cloud environment made a lot of sense from a cost and efficiency perspective, and their successful completion of the migration in two weeks only validated that decision

Matthew SeppSenior Attorney

I am extremely impressed and grateful. The team did excellent, and I was very pleased with the commitment and dedication! Well done!

Joseph SaveriFounder

We’ve been using Casepoint, and the tool has more than aptly handled the multiple terabytes of data we’ve thrown at it; ahead of other companies. They are experts of their own tool and can address needs very quickly.

Tony BuffkinIT Director

Casepoint has allowed our organization to leverage a powerful, convenient, and cost-effective document review system which is complemented by an extensive collective body of knowledge.

Mark BrauchDirector of Information Services

We look forward to benefiting from [Casepoint’s] guidance on best practices, including billing and cost recapture for technology support and workflow efficiencies, so we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective legal representation for our clients.

Robert J StinnetteLegal Technology Manager

We have been consistently impressed by their commitment to customer support and timely responses to our clients’ needs. We look forward to achieving even greater productivity and efficiency with the new Casepoint Platform.

Patrick GenzlerPrincipal

We chose to adopt Casepoint’s new platform because of its simple and competitive pricing, comprehensive capabilities and features, and ease of use.

Caitlin McHughPartner

Our Casepoint Project Manager was able to advise us and work in partnership with us to leverage the CaseAssist Active Learning functionality in the best way possible, and to ensure that we were getting the outcomes we wanted. She was also really skilled in interpreting the data and helped us glean insights.

Dwight LudvigsonLitigation Support Manager

Casepoint eDiscovery and Casepoint’s professional services team will serve as an extension of our in-house team. This will allow our attorneys to streamline their practice by leveraging the best technology and resources in support of our clients.

Sherry RatherDC Litigation Support Manager

Selecting Casepoint to consolidate our eDiscovery technology infrastructure in a secure cloud environment was an easy decision

Dana Wesley SartiLitigation Support Manager

CaseAssist has achieved widespread adoption at our firm, and there are good reasons for that: It’s fast, it’s easy, and the attorneys know it’s there, so they don’t hesitate to ask for it or use it themselves,

Patrick GenzlerPrincipal

Our firm has partnered with Casepoint for the last four years. We chose to adopt Casepoint’s new platform and eDiscovery application because of its simple and competitive pricing, comprehensive capabilities and features, and ease of use

Robert J StinnetteLegal Technology Manager

We chose Casepoint for its features, superior pricing and intuitive interface, and for the quality of the entire Casepoint staff who supports the platform

Robert RoosPartner

We looked at several different products and ultimately, we chose Casepoint. One main reason is because of its CaseAssist Active Learning feature. Another was the superior functionality of reviewing construction-specific documents and file types based on our research of other products.

Dana Wesley SartiLitigation Support Manager

For almost a decade, Casepoint’s technical and project management teams have been helping us find creative solutions to unique and complex eDiscovery data issues.

Dwight LudvigsonLitigation Support Manager

We wanted a platform with top-caliber technology to support our litigation teams, but one that is also user-friendly and intuitive to ensure that our attorneys and case teams actually use it.

Robert J StinnetteLegal Technology Manager

Casepoint is an excellent program that is user friendly. Casepoint has great features; I particularly like the ability to break documents into batches. This provides an easy way to break out documents among multiple reviewers. Very happy with Casepoint and cannot stress how easy it is to navigate!

Joshua SpenceChief Information Officer

Switching to cloud-based legal discovery brings our state benefits both in the form of workflow efficiencies and security. Casepoint provides end-to-end discovery with an intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and scalability.

Raman SinghChief Operating Officer

Caspoint is a comprehensive eDiscovery platform that is flexible, agile, and easy to learn. I love the CaseAssist feature as it opens up the analytics world with very little training. Users can play around and learn to focus on relevant information and ignore the noise.

Chelsea KoffAssociate

Casepoint is 3-steps past intuitive; it is so easy to use yet powerful. It offers every option you would need to conduct reviews seamlessly and simultaneously. I have worked in all of the “popular” eDiscovery review and AI platforms: none compare to Casepoint. I’m so glad we chose Casepoint as our legal technology partner.

Customer Success for eDiscovery

From day one, our legal and tech experts are here to help with your customized setup and onboarding, as well as ongoing support and proactive guidance.

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