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Gain a competitive edge, grow your business, drive loyalty, and retain your billable hours with our end-to-end legal discovery platform and AI-powered technology.

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eDiscovery Buyer’s Guide Casepoint Review

Optimize cost recovery and improve your client experiences with our transparent, predictable pricing.

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Drive Growth & Recover Costs

Efficiently handle more matters, deliver more value, and recover more costs.

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Review Data Faster

Quickly process and review 600+ file types with our powerful technology and built-in AI.

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Increase Value, Decrease Risk

Improve collaboration and reduce data transfers using one secure, centralized platform.

eDiscovery for Litigation

Hundreds of leading law firms gain a competitive advantage with our end-to-end eDiscovery platform. Build stronger cases and deliver more value with our award-winning, AI-powered technology.


Cost Recovery for eDiscovery

Trial Preparation and Case Strategy

Build your case with simple, powerful features to help you connect, organize, and summarize key facts, documents, and people into one conclusive chronology.


Use our powerful, AI-driven technology to quickly collect, process, discover and deliver crucial data for clients. Collaborate faster and with less risk using one secure, end-to-end platform.


How a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation Reaped Major Cost Savings Conducting an Internal Investigation Using Casepoint

Data Privacy & Compliance

Help clients meet compliance deadlines, handle an increasing volume of DSARs and CCPA/GDPR requests, and respond quickly to data breaches.


Data Privacy Day Reminds the Legal Industry to be Vigilant

Customer Success for Law Firms

From day one, our legal and tech experts are here to help with your customized setup and onboarding, as well as ongoing support and proactive guidance.

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Learn how to deliver more value and maximize your competitive advantage with our powerful technology and secure end-to-end platform.