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We are litigation support veterans focused on transforming eDiscovery.

Casepoint is a game-changing eDiscovery platform.

Pair that with the high-quality support we offer from genuine eDiscovery experts, and that’s when you see what really makes Casepoint different.

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Who we are


Our creative team is composed of lawyers, litigation professionals, and technologists who like to push the boundaries of eDiscovery. That’s what drove us to build our own top-notch eDiscovery platform. That’s what drives us to keep creating more refined and intuitive eDiscovery strategies with our partners.

We are resourceful project managers and consultants who like to find creative solutions for our partners. We don’t waste time, and we never promise something that we can’t deliver. Since 2008, Casepoint has been continuously enhanced by our in-house research and development team. We tirelessly work together to deliver one seamless, scalable solution.

Our mission

It’s simple: to provide the most sophisticated eDiscovery technology on the market with exceptional services wrapped around it. We want our partners to enjoy our intuitive platform and make the most of it, guided by our intricate knowledge of how it works. We value honesty, optimism, and energy. And we bring that to life through our work. We like working side-by-side with our partners to ensure every phase of the eDiscovery process is brilliantly executed.


Our official about us

Casepoint empowers legal departments, law firms, and public agencies by providing smarter legal technology combined with award-winning client service. Casepoint eDiscovery is the fast, enterprise class, and next generation eDiscovery suite from Casepoint, based on 11 years of innovation in the industry. It is built upon Casepoint Platform, a highly scalable, secure, and configurable application environment that meets the demands of sophisticated clients within eDiscovery and beyond. Whether SaaS, on prem, or hybrid, Casepoint eDiscovery features cloud collections, data processing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, review, and productions — all in an easy-to-use web interface. Casepoint customers benefit from the ability to support sophisticated workflows across millions of documents and hundreds of users, with custom reporting and data management tools built-in. Simple, elegant, and intuitive, Casepoint represents the next generation of litigation technology that will empower your global legal team.

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