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All the support you need to succeed in eDiscovery is right here.

Having a support team behind you that truly understands the complexities of eDiscovery is invaluable.

Casepoint is a full-service company ready to give you high-quality support across the lifecycle of a matter. Responsive and accurate. Cost-conscious. Always on. Because that’s what you tell us you need.

Streamlining the eDiscovery lifecycle

Keeping an eDiscovery project on track takes all sorts of skills and services. We work hard to make sure that you have the right resources at hand so that projects tick along smoothly.

Around-the-clock technical support sits at the heart of it all, helping you to preempt problems and resolve issues quickly. Within our support model, there are some specialized services such as Quality Control for production and bug fixing, all delivered by a top-notch team of technologists and litigation specialists. People who really get it. We are client service fanatics, focused on putting your success first.

All in one place

Beyond this, we offer data collection services to extract data in smart and defensible ways. Our processing and hosting services then help you refine collected data so it can be searched, reviewed, redacted, and produced. All our services are supported by state-of-the-art collection, preservation, culling, and filtering tools and a stunningly feature-rich review interface.

Wrapping around it all are our expert consulting services. These help you to leverage best practice and deliver outstanding eDiscovery outcomes. Customized to your matter. On budget. On schedule. Each and every time.

Using Casepoint services is a great way to focus our vast technical and specialist legal capabilities on delivering a sharper, faster, more predictable, and cost-efficient eDiscovery result. Who couldn’t benefit from that?

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