Casepoint recently achieved a groundbreaking security milestone: Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 6 (IL6) Authority to Operate (ATO). This accomplishment, the culmination of months of hard work and coordinated efforts, marks a pivotal moment for both Casepoint and the legal tech industry as a whole, signaling an increased emphasis on data security and confidentiality. 

While the achievement is unprecedented in the legal tech space, it’s important to first understand the significance of DoD IL6 ATO. 

Understanding the DoD IL6 Designation

For the DoD, safeguarding classified information is a top priority. That’s why top secret intelligence reports or critical military operation plans aren’t stored on an ordinary cloud service. The DoD ensures classified information is meticulously protected. That means dedicated, physical and logical isolated infrastructure, impenetrable security controls beyond even industry standards, and restricted access granted only to U.S. citizens with rigorous background checks.

IL6 signifies the highest security level for classified data within the Department of Defense (DoD). DoD data is categorized as Unclassified, Controlled Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret. IL6 refers specifically to “Secret” data.

Software companies seeking approval for IL6 must undergo a rigorous evaluation and authorization process. Unsurprisingly, given the requirements, the evaluation and authorization process for IL6 can take several months or even years, depending on the complexity of the system and the level of risk it presents.

Why Is DoD IL6 So Important?

Imagine the disastrous consequences if classified information fell into the wrong hands. IL6 prevents that nightmare scenario. 

IL6 is more than just a security classification — it’s the gold standard for systems handling classified information. The rigorous security protocols associated with IL6 underscore the importance of safeguarding national security information against unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure.

IL6 Allows DoD Agencies to

Significance for Casepoint and Legal Tech

Casepoint is the first legal tech company to achieve IL6 designation, allowing it to handle highly sensitive DoD information. Casepoint’s attainment of this classification attests to its unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding these stringent requirements, but this achievement was no easy feat. It required more than year of careful planning and execution from Casepoint’s Information Services team. 

Significance for Casepoint and Legal Tech

Beyond its immediate implications for Casepoint, this achievement has a ripple effect on the broader legal tech landscape. In an industry where client confidentiality and the protection of sensitive information are vitally important, this milestone sets Casepoint apart as an industry leader, establishing a new standard for security practices. The bar for data protection has been raised, compelling other companies to reevaluate and enhance their security measures. As legal tech platforms are increasingly entrusted with handling sensitive information for high-stakes litigation and investigations, Casepoint’s achievement will spark a collective effort to fortify the industry against potential threats.

Elevating the Security Standard

Amid the landscape of escalating cyber threats, the emphasis on robust cybersecurity has become a non-negotiable aspect of business operations. Casepoint’s attainment of the DoD IL6 designation aligns seamlessly with the broader move toward heightened awareness and stricter regulations surrounding data security. Legal tech companies, given their role in managing highly sensitive data, now face an even greater responsibility to adopt advanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard customer data.

As cybersecurity threats grow more sophisticated, Casepoint’s achievement serves as a powerful testament to the enduring importance of prioritizing data security, fostering trust among clients, stakeholders, and the industry at large. The benchmark has been set, and Casepoint has set a precedent that is sure to shape the future of legal tech.

Want to learn more about Casepoint’s industry-leading commitment to cybersecurity? Get in touch with Casepoint’s Government Solutions team.

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