The Department of Defense (DoD) faces a unique challenge in managing vast amounts of electronic data for legal and investigative purposes. Upgrading from legacy technology can seem daunting, but a strategic roadmap can ensure a smooth transition and unlock the power of modern data discovery solutions. This five-step guide outlines the path to success for DoD agencies considering the Casepoint Platform.


Five-Step Guide to Success for DoD’s Modernization Strategy

1. Assessment: Building a Strong Foundation

Every successful journey begins with a clear understanding of the starting point. Data and eDiscovery challenges continue to grow; DoD agencies need to evolve and be efficient in the face of these challenges. Casepoint provides analytics that enable agencies to pinpoint strengths and drive efficiency for improvement. This thorough examination provides the preparation for a tailored solution that aligns with your specific workflow and objectives.

2. Procurement: Streamlining the Acquisition Process

Government efficiency hinges on streamlining procurement. Casepoint realizes the importance of having options and offers flexibility for contracting specifically designed to meet the needs of DoD agencies.  These options help expedite procurement, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and accelerate the implementation timeline.  This ensures fiscal responsibility while acquiring a state-of-the-art data discovery solution.

3. Deployment: A Seamless Integration

Casepoint has worked with our DoD clients to lay the groundwork for assessment and procurement; it’s time for implementation. We develop a customized implementation schedule with our customers to quickly achieve the biggest benefit to the agency.  Casepoint’s cloud-based solution offers a scalable and adaptable infrastructure to accommodate the unique demands of small to large DoD agencies.  The deployment is tailored to seamlessly integrate Casepoint’s platform into meeting the customer’s existing workflows while maximizing efficiencies in the process without jeopardizing security.

4. Training: Empowering Your Team

Technological advancements are only as valuable as the people who use them. That’s why Casepoint provides comprehensive training programs and a user adoption strategy for legal professionals within DoD. Ensuring user proficiency isn’t just a recommendation; it’s essential to unlocking the full potential of Casepoint’s platform. Training is tailored and scalable with continuous access to platform updates and online training courses.

5. Support and Optimization: A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and DoD agencies need ongoing support to ensure optimal use of the Casepoint Platform.  Casepoint’s commitment to providing continuous support and regular platform upgrades and updates ensures agencies always have access to the latest features and security enhancements.  This final step solidifies the agency’s data discovery capabilities, empowering them with cutting-edge technology to support their clients and mission.

Casepoint’s Comprehensive Guide for DoD Agencies

By following these five steps, DoD agencies can confidently navigate the modernization journey and ensure they have the tools they need to manage data effectively and securely.

Download our whitepaper to learn how DoD agencies can overcome their most significant challenges regarding their investigative, litigation, FOIA, Congressional Inquiry, and legal hold needs.

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