An internal investigation can feel like a high-stakes game of needle-in-the-haystack, and current world challenges set that haystack on fire. Casepoint’s David Carns addresses how organizations can plan to respond effectively while avoiding cost and risk.

While most of today’s law departments are highly proactive when it comes to eDiscovery and have solid workflows and tools for managing the entire process, internal investigations do not always inspire the same level of diligence and planning. It’s surprising how many companies still lack formal processes for investigations and fail to consider appropriate technology for preservation, collection, processing, and review until they find themselves in the middle of high risk, data-intensive matter. This is unfortunate because internal investigations can be quite unpredictable. It’s difficult to anticipate where the facts will lead or what legal and logistical complications may arise. Project scope and costs can quickly get out of control, too.

To read more about how organizations can plan to respond effectively during an internal investigation, click here to access the article on Corporate Compliance Insights.

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