Every year, Legalweek provides us with an exclusive chance to access the combined expertise of thousands of legal professionals. During Legalweek 2024, our conversations — including those with litigation support professionals, lawyers, partners, and heads of innovation — revealed some recurring themes, intriguing trends, and valuable insights. 

Here, we share the highlights of our discoveries.

Top 5 Takeaways from Legalweek 2024

Top 5 Takeaways from Legalweek 2024

1. AI Still Reigns Supreme but With a Caveat

While AI dominated Legalweek discussions — representing nearly 80% of sessions and almost every vendor’s marketing strategy — a crucial shift is occurring. Businesses and government agencies are now focusing on understanding the specifics of AI solutions instead of just buying into the hype. This means examining use cases, additional costs, true ROI, and, most importantly, security and privacy implications.

2. Cybersecurity Is on Everyone’s Mind

Beyond AI, cybersecurity and data breach response emerged as major discussion points. Recognizing that data breaches are inevitable — even for companies with large IT budgets — the focus is on proactive preparation. Implementing response protocols, developing contingency plans, and thoroughly assessing third-party vendors are crucial steps to mitigate risk.

3. Legal Is Thriving on Innovation

Organizations seem to be actively seeking tech investments, replacements for outdated systems, and solutions to navigate emerging challenges. This was one of the most well-attended Legalweeks over the past five to seven years — pandemic notwithstanding — reflecting the desire for innovative solutions across corporations, government agencies, and law firms. Organizations are no longer passively accepting outdated systems. They are actively seeking out, investing in, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to address real-world needs and unlock new possibilities.

4. AmLaw 100 Firms Are Embracing SaaS Legal Tech

It’s becoming more apparent that AmLaw 100 firms are at the forefront of adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) legal technology to better manage their expanding tech stacks. Rather than haphazardly adding tools, these firms are approaching development thoughtfully. This strategic approach involves creating frameworks that facilitate connectivity between systems, allowing end-users — from paralegals to partners — to access and analyze information cohesively.

5. Case Management Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Within legal circles, litigation support professionals, paralegals, associates, and partners have distinct definitions of case management — shaped by their responsibilities and the tools they use. However, this often leads to fragmented processes, in which parts of case management — but not the whole — are addressed. This dynamic emphasizes the critical need for unified platforms such as Casepoint. Such platforms can efficiently address multiple litigation use cases, simplify workflows, and minimize organizational challenges.

Casepoint’s Latest Product Release: Casepoint FOIA

In addition to AI and big data, new products and product upgrades were the talk of the town at Legalweek. We announced the launch of Casepoint FOIA, our new solution designed to transform the handling of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for federal agencies. With the release of Casepoint FOIA, we’re combining FOIA workflow tracking and management, a client portal, and payment integration with the power of our AI-powered eDiscovery platform. Notably, Casepoint FOIA eliminates the need for either a limited-capability legacy FOIA solution or multiple solutions. 

Product Releases-Amy Hilbert Quote

Casepoint Featured on That Tech Pod Podcast

While at Legalweek 2024, Laura Milstein and Kevin Albert interviewed Casepoint’s Amy Hilbert, Executive Vice President of Government Solutions, and myself, Amit Dungarani, Casepoint’s Vice President of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives. We discussed Legalweek’s relevance in 2024, what sets Casepoint apart from an increasingly crowded field, why Casepoint decided to focus on government when everyone else was shifting toward corporations, Casepoint FOIA and Casepoint Legal Hold, GenAI, and what’s next for Casepoint.

Listen to the full interview here:

Legalweek 2024 Podcast

Looking Ahead

Legalweek 2024 was an excellent opportunity to connect and share best practices with other leaders in legal tech. We’ll be paying close attention to how the broader conversation unfolds in the coming weeks and months. Above all, we’ll continue to partner with the top corporations, government agencies, and law firms to help them skillfully maneuver the evolving legal landscape.

Missed us at Legalweek 2024? No problem! Get in touch with the Casepoint team to learn about all of the latest advancements in our industry-leading Legal Hold and eDiscovery technology.

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