Here’s something to consider: the cost of litigation for some legal matters exceeds the value of the dispute itself.

And the biggest expense nearly always lies in the discovery phase. Could a new approach to eDiscovery be the answer?

Litigation is storage-greedy. In this Big Data era, data volumes have increased exponentially. Even seemingly standard litigation matters often ending up occupying terabytes of storage. Specialized file types. High-quality forensic images. Large numbers of email custodians. It all racks up costly disk space. Mountains of data are built, moved around, and rationalized. And with many firms running multiple litigation matters in parallel, the snowballing cost of storage is self-evident. Expensive litigation resources are also sucked up in collating and reviewing all this data.

eDiscovery solutions focus the power of technology on this challenge. While many law firms have in-house eDiscovery centers set up, the truth is that law teams specialize in understanding the intricacies of the law. Keeping technology and know-how up to date is a big ask and a costly one. That’s why specialist eDiscovery houses exist. We are legal experts in the business of technology, focused on delivering unrivaled data and eDiscovery solutions.

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The smart way forward

The key is to combine all existing eDiscovery technology functions into a single, cohesive platform. Scanning tools. Databases. Full-text indexes. Deduplication tools. Technology Assisted Review (TAR). A single, simple platform on which everything across the lifecycle of a matter is stored, optimized, secured, and made accessible. All anchored to one data source.

In this way, eDiscovery technology can be looked at simply as value-added storage.

  • Corporations and law firms pay a single fee to store eDiscovery data with all the other technologies and license management worries absorbed into one, simple per GB storage fee.
  • Additional software costs and per-user license bills vanish. Costs become more predictable. Litigation teams can access best-of-breed software as standard on every case. So great eDiscovery tools are no longer considered as an expensive, optional add-on.
  • Time-saving tools like TAR are bundled in, letting humans train the software to simply categorize documents by reviewing a sample from the overall matter. This dramatically reduces human review time, one of the greatest costs in eDiscovery.

This kind of simple, value-added storage vision is a great way redefine litigation for the digital era and stop costs from ever outstripping the value of an actual dispute.

But one vital step must first be taken

eDiscovery software vendors finally need to consign old-fashioned, piecemeal pricing models to the trash can of history. They need to start offering a unified, all-inclusive eDiscovery platform and then charge for it on a simple, per GB basis. So users can simply ramp storage up or down with all the bells and whistles included. The benefits of this approach are clear.

See why so many firms are choosing Casepoint’s game-changing per GB pricing model.

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