This blog post is written during week #4 of pervasive social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forced Change

Across the globe people are working from home and relying on SaaS technologies to keep working. This has raised a number of challenges, of course, but we have already noticed a number of “new normal” trends that have been developing.

Going Paperless

One of the new normal trends is that legal teams are no longer choosing to print everything in their eDiscovery workflow. Print a production QC set? Nope….I’ll just review online (frankly it is easier). Print binders? Actually, no thanks, I have an iPad app that works just fine for that. Print documents for future reference? Well, I could…but since my home printer is not as powerful as the one at work, I finally learned how to create reference sets (personal folders in Casepoint) that make it very easy to organize and pull up important documents. Print deposition kits? While many of my depositions have been postponed, I now know how to access the documents via my iPad or laptop through the Casepoint eDiscovery website…so I guess I really don’t have to print.

And this is a pretty big change. For an industry with “e” in its name, eDiscovery has often been weighed down by a heavy amount of printing. But working from home has steered the industry toward more efficient use of technology…and that includes going paperless for eDiscovery workflows. Some thought the day may never come, but here we are.

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