There have been so many approaches to legal tech pricing over the years: a la carte, bundled, on-prem, and in-the-cloud. We’ve seen all of the different pricing models, and arguments can be made for each one. From our experience, we have found that eDiscovery users benefit the most when they have transparency into what they are being charged for.

It’s common for the unexpected to occur in litigation – cases often grow, which produces larger data sets and an increase in custodians. When planning for the unexpected, it’s comforting to know that you have the ability to control your costs and know exactly what to expect. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our clients on the benefits they’ve experienced from having a transparent pricing model.

Casepoint’s Approach to Pricing

We take our pricing model a step beyond predictable – we make sure you’re in the driver’s seat. Casepoint’s focus is to ensure your eDiscovery technology costs are transparent and in your control. We give you the ability to take full control of your costs every step of the way and provide transparency into everything that you do.

We have found that this approach gives customers the ability to make decisions that are best for them. Think of it like ordering and paying for a dozen muffins. There are a number of ingredients that go into baking muffins – there’s the sugar, flour, eggs, milk, butter, and perhaps blueberries or nuts. Each of these ingredients has a cost associated with it. But let’s say you don’t want the nuts or blueberries, or maybe even the sugar. You can opt-out of paying for these small parts of a greater whole. 

Clients reap the benefits of using our eDiscovery solution while being able to pick and choose what they are paying for, which gives them control. Everything comes built into the system, but if you’re not using something or don’t need to use it, you’re able to see a breakdown in pricing very clearly to decide what you don’t want to pay for. This transparency allows you to save money while still having the great experience of using cutting edge technology. 

Anything Else is Window Dressing

From our 12 years of experience and innovation, we have found this to be the best approach to supporting our clients. Be wary of pricing structures that seem too good to be true. Some eDiscovery technology companies claim they only will bill you for the data you give them, but as you read the terms and conditions closely, nothing is clear about what that actually means. We don’t beat around the bush and we definitely do not incorporate hidden fees in the terms and conditions. Casepoint ensures that you are in the driver’s seat and have full control over your costs, all the while having complete clarity and insight into what you’re being charged for.

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