Secure eDiscovery from A-W: From application to web level & in between

  • March 3, 2020
  • by Minoo Razavi

Security is paramount in eDiscovery given the high level of data sensitivity and to ensure the need for data integrity and defensibility. Your solution should be committed to the highest levels of security at the company, data center, web application, and database levels. Casepoint is committed to the highest security standards. In the event that you seek another solution, make sure you have a checklist of everything that must be secured. This is our gold standard for secure eDiscovery and smarter legal working.



Everything we do revolves around protecting your data. Our people, process, and technology are secured respectively, as well. Here’s a quick snapshot.

  • People – We foster a culture that values and regularly promotes security awareness, training, and best practices.
  • Process – Our policies & procedures are designed for effective security, privacy, and compliance controls.
  • Technology – We provide 24/7 network monitoring using the latest security appliances and software controls, two-factor authentication, NSA-grade data encryption, and regularly conduct internal and third-party security testing.

For a more detailed explanation, you can read our Security Brief. Alternatively, schedule a commitment-free demo or question/answer session on your security concerns with us.

Security Brief

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