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When you’re starting out on a new eDiscovery project, working with a no-frills solution is tempting. The kind of stripped-back tools that give you a really striking interface that makes it seem easy to use and with little or no services, thus potentially saving you money that is typically spent on outside support…right?

The trouble is that this engaging front end often masks a critical lack of features at the back end. The truth is that there are many different breeds of cloud solution provider out there. You need to know who you’re dealing with. Hollow solutions that don’t deliver the depth and quality of capabilities you need often don’t offer any comprehensive project management, consulting or technical support services either. And that can leave you with real problems down the line.

Not all support teams are created equal

It’s worth noting that there are two distinct breeds of support team in the industry: ad hoc support services and dedicated Project Management teams. What they do varies greatly from one solution provider to another. Ad hoc support services tend to come with no-frills, ‘eDiscovery lite’ solutions and offer minimal, hands-off help. While the low-cost aspect can appeal, consider the risks:

  • What if you need extra guidance? Even if support is available, could you afford it every time?
  • Without expert guidance will you duplicate effort or miss out on certain workflow efficiencies? Miss deadlines? Lose quality? Incur sanctions?
  • At what extra cost to budget, reputation and client confidence?

eDiscovery, that matters

Economy….or false economy?

Strategic and financial uncertainties like these are why many law firms and corporations always work with eDiscovery vendors who offer dedicated Project Management. For them, having the right vendor support team at hand during eDiscovery is strategically critical.

  • Genuine economies of scale

It frees up their skilled in-house attorneys and paralegals to focus on high-value casework while eDiscovery support teams do the heavy lifting behind the scenes using efficient, large-scale processes designed to save them money.

  • New perspectives

Third-party experts can share hard-won eDiscovery experience and offer broad advice on case strategy based on similar projects they’ve handled. Fresh insights into complex casework? That’s a serious bonus.

  • Complementary skill sets

They can work with technical experts who are immersed in the latest rules of eDiscovery. Litigation process specialists who know the smart routes through complex matter, culling inefficiencies and perfectly complementing their own in-house legal teams.

  • Relevant experience

They put a diverse range of battle-tested experts at their disposal. Veteran technologists, analysts, and consultants who have walked in their shoes as attorneys or litigation support team leaders. These experts become a lifeline throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle, ensuring that matter is kept on cost and to schedule. Anticipating issues. Managing efficiency. Executing strategies that will bolster defensible and repeatable processes.

It’s worth noting that no matter how great a technology solution is, it’s never a substitute for specialist support. A well-timed intervention, educated gut-feeling, strategic short-cut or expert hand at 3 am when deadlines are drawing in is worth a thousand automated alerts. In the best litigation projects, tech tools and tech teams are closely aligned, complementing each other at every turn. In fact, one leading law firm was so impressed with the Project Management Casepoint offered that they asked the Lead PM to collaborate with one of their partners to create a joint eDiscovery task force. The aim? To ensure that best practice is seeded across the firm from both a process and platform perspective.

So ask yourself this: Who’s really supporting you?  What exactly are you paying for? Will savings now lead to greater costs later? With Casepoint, you get a legion of real experts behind you at every stage.

In fact, our team is unrivaled in the industry. See for yourself what makes them different.

Casepoint Project Management

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