The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) empowers citizens to access government records, shedding light on how their tax dollars are spent, how decisions are made, and how agencies are performing. But for federal agencies tasked with fulfilling a record-high number of requests, It can be a nightmare

Manual processing methods and legacy systems are sinking federal agencies in a sea of records. Juggling a separate eDiscovery platform only adds to the chaos. Of course, the burden of FOIA isn’t just paperwork. Clunky workflows, exorbitant costs, and processing delays become unwelcome companions. It all totals up to countless hours wasted on tedious tasks, risk of appeals and litigation due to redaction errors, and missed deadlines that can erode public trust. Imagine the frustration of citizens waiting months for basic information, while agency staff drown in emails, spreadsheets, and outdated software.

There’s a Better Way to Deal With FOIA Requests

At Casepoint, we’ve been paying close attention to the FOIA landscape and listening to our agency partners share how they believe the process should work. After months of putting this feedback to work, we’re proud to unveil Casepoint FOIA

Casepoint FOIA is more than just a new FOIA software — it’s a complete transformation of how agencies handle FOIA requests. We have merged FOIA workflow tracking and management, a client portal, and compliance reporting with the power of our end-to-end eDiscovery platform — eliminating the need for either a limited-capability legacy solution or multiple solutions. Casepoint FOIA is built on Casepoint’s FedRAMP-Authorized cloud platform.

Get to know the future of FOIA. 


From Drowning in Requests to Streamlined Success

No more clunky tools and multiple systems — Casepoint FOIA is the all-in-one solution to simplify the FOIA journey. It provides agencies an enterprise-grade arsenal to achieve:

  • Faster Processing Times
    Make sure requesters receive records promptly, and never sweat another deadline.
  • Centralized Communication
    Manage communication with requesters and internal and external stakeholders — all in one place.
  • Streamlined Workflows
    Monitor the entire lifecycle of FOIA requests — those pending, in-progress, and completed — in real-time, keeping everyone apprised.

Manage Every Part of the FOIA Process

Casepoint FOIA includes a FOIA Portal for requesters, which is connected to a configurable tracking application, seamlessly integrated with Casepoint’s powerful eDiscovery tool with review, analytics, and redaction capabilities. Here’s just some of what you can do
with Casepoint FOIA:

Manage Every Part of the FOIA Process

Checkmark Automatically Access Requests
Because the requester portal connects to the tracking application, requests made by the public automatically populate the agency’s queue.
Checkmark Review and Organize Records
Conduct thorough reviews of records ingested into the platform to assess relevance.
Checkmark Categorize and Tag Documents
Group and tag documents with relevant metadata to expedite retrieval and reference. 
Checkmark Set Up Automated Notifications
Save time and eliminate a manual step by sending automatic updates right from the platform.
Checkmark Apply AI-Powered Redactions
Leverage AI-powered redactions with robust quality controls to ensure accuracy and prevent appeals.
Checkmark Create a FOIA Reading Room
Establish and update a public repository of released documents for future requests to avoid producing the same documents again and again.
Checkmark Generate Reports
Monitor your agency’s FOIA requests and effortlessly compile compliance reports.

Leave the Old FOIA Process Behind

Cut ties with the old way of managing FOIA and public records requests. With Casepoint FOIA, your agency will be freed from:

Close Outdated Legacy Tech
Embrace the power and agility of a modern, purpose-built FOIA platform.
Close Messy Workflows
Casepoint FOIA offers a streamlined, centralized hub, where every step of the FOIA journey flows seamlessly.
Close Manual Email Notifications
Send automated notifications from within the platform to keep everyone informed in real-time.
Close Limited Collaboration
Casepoint FOIA breaks down the silos of information and fragmented communication.
Close Extensive Platform Maintenance
Casepoint FOIA frees agencies from the IT drain and lets them focus on what matters: fulfilling FOIA requests.
Close Restricted Customization
Casepoint FOIA is configurable to your agency’s unique needs and workflows.
Close Insufficient Support
Casepoint FOIA provides your agency with dedicated experts and comprehensive resources to address any questions that may arise.
Close Scalability Issues
Casepoint FOIA scales effortlessly, accommodating any surge in requests without compromising performance or user experience.
Close Backlogs and Delays
Casepoint FOIA tackles backlogs head-on by facilitating the efficient processing of requests — thereby building trust and satisfaction with the public.

Experience the Future of FOIA Management

Ready to move beyond the fragmented chaos of legacy FOIA software? Casepoint FOIA integrates request tracking, review, redaction, reporting, billing, and response delivery into a unified, intuitive interface. This centralized hub sets a new standard for federal agencies — a configurable, all-in-one system that consolidates the request process and reimagines FOIA workflows. 

Join the ranks and experience unmatched efficiency in FOIA management. It’s time to navigate the sea of FOIA requests with confidence and ease.

Want to see Casepoint FOIA in action? Contact our Government Solutions team today.

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