Complex DOJ fraud case crumbles with help from Casepoint experts

  • Corporation
  • Procurement fraud
  • 12TB of data

What was the business challenge?

It was two-fold. Firstly, the production data provided by the DOJ lacked common data fields. Secondly, the joint defense team was seeking to reduce the 12 TB of data collected including almost 8.5 M documents to a reasonable and relevant review size.

How did Casepoint deliver?

With insight and decisive impact. On initially reviewing the production data provided by the DOJ, it became clear that the data needed re-processing so that metadata could be extracted from their collected native data. Using Big Data analytics, Casepoint processed the data in an astonishing 6 days, then filtered and culled it for review and eventual production. The ultimate outcome? A successful defence for the clients and their litigation teams.

Shared access, shared cost, combined expert support from case strategy to technology consulting.

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