Beveridge & Diamond is the first and largest law firm in the U.S. to focus its practice on environmental regulatory, transactional and litigation matters. With more than 100 lawyers working across eight offices, the firm offers depth of experience litigating complex environmental and toxic tort matters. They have decades of experience advising numerous industry sectors on how environmental regulations apply to businesses worldwide.


Environmental law is a multifaceted and intricate practice area.  Environmental issues impact virtually every aspect of people’s lives and business operations, and regulation is constantly evolving. Litigation is often data-intensive involving multiple stakeholders, including U.S. state and municipal governments.  As the Law firm expanded and managed a higher-volume of cases, their legacy, multi-solution system (on-premise Concordance system plus other tools) for eDiscovery was no longer sufficient to handle their complex document review needs.  They concluded that in order to control the cost of litigation they needed to switch to a cloud-based, scalable eDiscovery platform.

The Solution

Beveridge & Diamond needed a scalable eDiscovery platform to streamline their eDiscovery to reduce the cost of litigation and automate document review.  Specific selection criteria included:

  • Robust Data Processing Capabilities
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost Effectiveness

Beveridge & Diamond ultimately chose Casepoint’s cloud-based eDiscovery platform for several key reasons:

Intuitive and User Friendly: Beveridge & Diamond attorneys were struck by the intuitive, easy to navigate user interface.

Scalable eDiscovery Solution: Beveridge & Diamond sees value in configuring workflows to meet their – and their clients’ – unique needs. Casepoint’s unified eDiscovery platform was architected for easy extensibility, giving legal teams the flexibility to tailor their deployment without steep costs associated with custom development.

Native File Review: the ability to load hundreds of file types and perform document review without a conversion process reduced processing time and load time. Attorneys have quicker access to relevant documents for review.

Built-in Early Case Assessment (ECA) Capabilities and Analytics: The firm found significant value having ECA and CaseAssist AI analytics integrated into its eDiscovery platform without additional fees.  Analytics have created significant time savings at multiple points in the eDiscovery process and lowered the overall cost of litigation.


Beveridge & Diamond has gained cost savings through standardized eDiscovery processes, more efficient document review and advanced analytics tools.  The firm met its initial project requirements to streamline their eDiscovery and analytics in a single platform.  The firm has achieved a positive ROI recovering its costs earlier than expected with Casepoint.

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Casepoint’s developers were available throughout the entire deployment process, listening to our feedback, understanding our needs and working in partnership throughout to ensure the solution deployed was tailored to our requirements. The ability to deal directly with the solution company and not a hosting service was a huge factor in our decision to work with Casepoint.

Senior Practice Support Coordinator