The third largest construction management company (Company A) works with a list of over 300 panel counsel, including some of the top firms in the country. Its litigation portfolio is characterized by complex, multi-year cases, multi-matter and occasionally multi-jurisdictional scenarios. Any litigation can involve massive databases of potential evidence and frequently includes construction-specific file formats.

The Challenge: Decentralized eDiscovery Leads to Inefficient Litigation Processes and Unpredictable Costs

Large-scale construction litigation is notoriously complex. Big development projects almost always involve joint ventures with multiple contractors and subcontractors. Legal representation is typically handled by a group of firms that must collaborate effectively and efficiently to produce favorable outcomes. While Company A was satisfied with the quality of their legal representation, they continued to see discovery-related costs rise dramatically over time.  

Company A’s decentralized approach to litigation (where each party used different processes and technology) was not able to scale with the complex workflows, high data volumes or highly specialized construction document formats.  Without a holistic approach there was no feasible path to introduce efficiencies to the discovery process and monitor and control costs. 

Standardizing on an End-to-End Legal Technology Platform Achieves Consistency, Efficiencies, and Cost Savings 

The firm knew they needed to create consistency in their litigation process and workflows. The foundation would be implementing an end-to-end legal technology solution. They wanted to develop and apply a holistic approach across all matters to create efficiencies, identify bottlenecks, evaluate performance and run predictable cost analysis.

Company A’s legal department requested its 300+ panel counsel to implement Casepoint’s platform on select cases. Starting with 27 legal matters, the secure, cloud technology instantly translated to more efficient workflows and reporting. 

Standardize Workflows Across All Matters

Using Casepoint, the company was able to create immediate efficiency benefits by standardizing workflows with multiple subcontractors and their outside counsel. Their data is centralized and secure in Casepoint’s private cloud. Role-based security configuration streamlines collaboration and limits data access using rules and permissions. This made it possible to introduce efficiencies and standardize workflows between all parties.

Improved Performance and Reporting

Major improvements in efficiency and reporting gave Company A better visibility into the work and output from 18 outside firms and 195 users. Consistent workflows lowered costs through improved performance and faster execution for each matter. The centralized management also provided insights into bottlenecks and measured key performance metrics allowing the firm to monitor and control discovery costs.

Powerful AI and TAR Capabilities

The client leveraged CaseAssist Active Learning, Casepoint’s Built-in AI suite, to deliver significant efficiency and cost savings to the review process. The platform easily scales to handle large volumes of complex data and is flexible to adapt to unique construction requirements and file formats. The advanced TAR features identify irrelevant data at earlier stages, thus reducing the scope of document review and accelerating the time to insight – ultimately reducing review costs for all parties involved.

Strategic Legal Technology For the Construction Industry

The construction firm was impressed by the built-in flexibility, cost savings, and demonstrated ability for analyzing unstructured data and construction-specific data. They named Casepoint as its preferred legal technology partner and now requires all panel counsel to use the end-to-end legal technology platform on every new matter. 

By using Casepoint’s flexible legal technology solution, they now apply a holistic approach to eDiscovery, creating efficiencies that were not possible using their previous decentralized infrastructure. All-inclusive, per-GB/per-month pricing structure makes budgeting for discovery much simpler. They consistently report saving up to 50% on hard costs for review alone.

Casepoint Case Study A Fortune 500 Construction

We wanted to have more control over our workflows and overall spend, and we were looking for more transparency overall. We have achieved that. Consolidating on a single state-of-the-art platform to manage the entire process, from start to finish, is consistently saving us large amounts of money and incalculable time. We couldn’t be happier.

General Counsel

Fortune 500 Construction Company