Casepoint beats Relativity to drive major antitrust case

  • Corporation
  • Price fixing class action
  • 8TB of data

What was the business challenge?

To reduce 8 TB of data comprising over 15 million documents to a reasonable size for hundreds of attorneys to review. 9 million of these documents were in Japanese. There was also a need to support co-counsel across multiple geographies and time zones with expert Project Management.

How did Casepoint deliver?

Casepoint won the selection process hands down over Relativity and other major eDiscovery providers. A stellar reputation for strong Project Management was key, alongside a simple, predictable pricing structure and 100% cloud-based technology which offers a powerful combination of built in features:

  • Big Data analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR)
  • Accessibility on any device, any browser, any time

Casepoint can search through Japanese text as easily as English. It has supported 100 legal case workers who have been concurrently reviewing the matter over the last year.

Shared access and shared cost meets multinational, multilingual case support.

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