A smarter way to review

Casepoint lets you iterate intelligently and produce diligently.

Casepoint is a robust, full-featured eDiscovery platform - with Technology Assisted Review (TAR) built in. It’s smart enough to support multi-terabyte reviews with hundreds of simultaneous reviewers. And it makes any case size manageable.


Our TAR technology is integrated into the Casepoint document review module. You can analyze a dataset for responsiveness, privilege, specific issues related to the case, and even analyze received productions to streamline the review of those documents.

  • Use machine learning for faster, more accurate review.
  • Control the accuracy and margin of error within the automated review.
  • Increase the speed of review by up to 10 times and reduce attorney review time.

Iterative review

Reviewing is an iterative process whether you are using TAR or not. When you are using TAR, each iteration produces an auto-classified random sample of documents for manual quality checking. With each iteration, TAR helps reviewers to refine the sample into a golden set for the auto-classification and machine learning process.

  • Continuously filter out the noise.
  • Extrapolate relevant criteria to make better conclusions.
  • Minimize data waste, time, and cost by reviewing only filtered, responsive data.

Case Strategy and Legal Outline tools

Organize your legal arguments within the Casepoint platform using Case Strategy and Legal Outline tools. Create document chronologies and visually appealing outlines.

  • Link documents within the system to each part of chronology or outline.
  • Enjoy the convenience of inline references and visual presentation.
  • Focus on developing strong case strategy, distraction-free.


Casepoint produces documents in all industry supported file formats. It can create a document production with BATES numbers, slip sheets, placeholders, or native files, and we can export to all industry-standard production formats.

  • Produce to numerous production formats.
  • Supports natives, image files, placeholders, etc.
  • Multifaceted quality control process.

Explore Additional Features

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Email Threading and Near Dup

Now you can consolidate email threads even for scanned documents with missing original metadata and automatically identify nearly identical documents.

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Trial Exhibits

Take discontiguous pages throughout the system and reassemble them into monolithic exhibits for depositions and trials.

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Privilege Log Creator

Casepoint lets you export a privilege log based on various fielded information. Privilege logs can contain normalized names and field information which are exported to familiar file formats, such as Excel and CSV.