Tysons, VA – June 20, 2017 

CaseAssist, the first AI-based case evaluation system, is now generally available to Casepoint customers.

Casepoint launched the first AI-based case evaluation technology embedded within an eDiscovery platform, with a limited release to select clients in January 2017. Today, after progressively advanced research and development, CaseAssist is available to all Casepoint users to enhance their eDiscovery workflow.

CaseAssist proactively thinks alongside legal professionals, taking cues from their most minute activities to make suggestions of hot documents, cast of characters, dates, data, and other relevant information. Ultimately, a strategic storyline is formulated without unnecessarily exhausting time and expense. “CaseAssist is a dynamic approach to eDiscovery: agile and responsive to your cues, tactical strategies come to surface quicker and easier than before,” says Vishal Rajpara, Chief Product Officer.

Once a user begins reviewing documents identified by CaseAssist, the system’s artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms continuously reinforce a virtuous feedback loop by presenting more documents and emails that are automatically identified as potentially relevant to the litigation or investigation.

CaseAssist is available at no additional charge to Casepoint clients. Powered by artificial intelligence, driven by you, CaseAssist is re-defining innovation in eDiscovery.

Casepoint provides full eDiscovery capabilities through a powerful, secure, cloud-based platform. Casepoint’s features include a full-strength review platform, pre-installed artificial intelligence, cloud analytics and collections, and first class data processing. We are repeatedly chosen by leading law firms, multinational corporations, and public sector clients for their largest matters. Casepoint is smarter legal working.


Media Contact
James Lasson
Vice President of Marketing