Case Summary expands Casepoint’s product suite with a solution that allows users to collaborate on legal strategy within a single platform, linking key facts from multiple data sources to build compelling legal arguments, narratives, and chronologies.

Tysons, VA, Aug. 18, 2021 – Casepoint, a leader in cloud-based legal technology solutions, today announced the release of Case Summary, a new capability within the Casepoint Legal Discovery Platform that allows litigators and legal teams to develop case strategy efficiently, collaboratively, and with more precision to effectively organize the evidence from concurrent matters. Within the Casepoint platform, users of Case Summary can instantly forge connections between specific data points within individual files or documents to build a coherent body of evidence. 

Case Summary builds and expands on the functionality of other matter mapping systems commonly used by litigators by putting data collection and evidence-building functionality in the same workspace throughout the full life of the case. Users of Case Summary can easily import and export documents directly to and from the Casepoint platform, easing the collection burdens of supporting case information and allowing users to correlate data imported from other tools and documents to specific system “objects” or categories, like facts or people. 

Users of Case Summary can also create their own custom data objects or categories—e.g., Department or Pleadings—that can be linked to other objects, summaries, and/or individual documents. Facts are associated with dates and can be displayed in a list, card, or timeline view. Facts can also be linked to a larger Summary so that teams of attorneys can easily and efficiently craft a cohesive narrative from diverse pieces of evidence. Within the same interface, team members may then export summaries to deposition or trial binders. As a final step, users can choose to export linked documents with each summary and even include a cover page with identifying information. 

The end result is a unified platform that directly connects eDiscovery workflows with litigation strategy. In a single platform, litigators have everything they need to tie key facts to one another as they build arguments, develop timelines, and assemble narratives in the service of a compelling case strategy. Summaries can also be exported for use outside of Casepoint’s product suite. By making matter-related data, case management functionality, and capabilities for real-time collaboration available in the same platform, Case Summary eliminates the need for legal teams to move between systems or screens, enables better legal outcomes, and reduces the time spent on each case. 

“The world’s leading law firms, corporations, and government agencies already choose the Casepoint Legal Discovery Platform for litigation, investigation, and compliance support. With the launch of Case Summary, they can now use the Casepoint platform to manage, organize, and analyze critical information and develop a coherent case strategy without having to switch systems,” said Vishal Rajpara, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Casepoint. “The ability to record and track the different types of data objects that are the basis of evidence in a legal matter, and instantly create links between them to craft a narrative and build an argument, is absolutely critical to success in litigation in today’s legal environment. Case Summary helps users make the connections that lead to better outcomes.”

Casepoint continues to innovate to enable customers to manage the entire legal discovery process within its powerful end-to-end platform for optimal business results. 


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