Disney+ hit its five-year subscriber target in a few months of 2020. Netflix dominated the Golden Globes and puts out more movies than most of the Hollywood studios combined. A new Discovery+ streaming service is selling itself on the siren song of new episodes of Good Eats and random murder porn on what was once the Travel Channel. When lockdowns took hold across the country (or, more accurately, the parts of the country that realized there was no other plan), streaming became the best bet in entertainment.

The other solid bet was on SaaS. How could businesses keep running in a topsy-turvy environment? With constantly updating software backed by computing power that on-premises systems could never reasonably afford, the software as a service business model — like streaming — may have found itself on the upswing before the pandemic but solidified its hold on the future as the country adapted.

During the recent “Legalweek(year)TechNY(carry the 2)” show or whatever they’re calling it these days, I chatted with Casepoint about how the company weathered the storm. As I’d expected, their business model thrived as companies found themselves more reliant upon solutions that could function remotely, securely, and maybe more importantly, flexibly. Casepoint ended up hiring across every single department through 2020 to keep up with the fast-paced shift toward relying exclusively on SaaS.

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