Adoption of Casepoint eDiscovery technology and services continues in government sector as agencies look for more sophisticated and modern Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) capabilities  

Tysons, VA, February 17, 2021 —Casepoint, a leader in cloud-based legal technology solutions, announced today it has signed an agreement to provide SaaS eDiscovery technology and support for the West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT).

Signing on West Virginia Office of Technology highlights the increasing importance for agencies of having integrated, fully automated, cloud-based solutions to manage Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which have been accelerating in number, data volume, and complexity for many government organizations. The number of FOIA requests increased by over 30% for agencies from 2012 to 2018. Backlogged requests are also a growing issue, with 15% of requests getting backlogged between 2015 and 2018. For any given year, the increase in the number of requests varies by agency.

Given the increase in requests year over year, government agencies are actively searching for the right solutions to overcome FOIA challenges. WVOT will be using the Casepoint platform to support their FOIA requirements in addition to eDiscovery for litigation.

Casepoint secured the award from the WVOT using a best-value procurement method, Requests for Proposals. During the evaluation process, Casepoint eDiscovery earned the highest total score between the technical and cost evaluations. Among WVOT’s requirements, Casepoint will offer self-service data loading and processing along with tools for client administration, productions, review, and analytics—all in a single, integrated platform. The Casepoint eDiscovery platform will accommodate unlimited users across West Virginia’s divisions and bureaus.

Casepoint’s best-in-class security program and its eDiscovery platform have earned the company FedRAMP Authorization and SOC 2 Type II certifications, an important part of the company’s ongoing effort to provide agencies with access to the most advanced technologies, virtually unlimited scalability, and tools to seamlessly collaborate across teams and with external partners while maintaining the highest levels of data security. To help agencies respond effectively to FOIA requests, the Casepoint platform sifts through very large volumes of data to quickly identify potentially responsive information. That information can then be efficiently reviewed, coded, redacted, and routed for approval before producing to the requesting party. In many instances, these FOIA requests are part of larger litigations that may involve class agency lawsuits or multi-agency investigations.

“We are encouraged to see more agencies moving their eDiscovery processes to the cloud, and we are especially pleased to provide these organizations with one of the industry’s most advanced solutions for managing FOIA workflows as FOIA requests become an increasingly complex problem for government agencies,” said Amy Hilbert, VP, Public Sector at Casepoint. “Casepoint is seeing more agencies move away from manual processes and on-premise discovery tools for a range of use cases and adopt more advanced, fully integrated SaaS eDiscovery solutions. Our ongoing security authorizations and certifications, and our growing roster of agency clients (including the SEC) reflect our commitment at Casepoint to helping agencies develop highly secure, scalable solutions to growing challenges in eDiscovery and the FOIA lifecycle.”

“Switching to cloud-based legal discovery brings our state benefits both in the form of workflow efficiencies and security. Casepoint provides end-to-end discovery with an intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and scalability,” said West Virginia Chief Technology Officer Josh Spence. “From a security perspective, using a single cloud-based platform means our data stays in one place, which is a huge advantage to alternative non-cloud options.” For more information, visit


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