Tysons, VA – January 8, 2019 – Casepoint, a leader in enterprise eDiscovery technology, today announced the successful completion of a comprehensive migration (20 terabytes) of data from Relativity and other eDiscovery applications for Stoel Rives, a leading U.S. corporate and litigation law firm with more than 350 attorneys. The successful migration, which involved more than 20 terabytes of structured and unstructured data from 110 matters – including 33 matters still in the process of being litigated – was collaboratively planned and executed for maximum speed and efficiency, and for minimal impact on Stoel Rives’s normal litigation workflow.

Casepoint leveraged virtual private network (VPN) tunneling technology to transfer data quickly and securely over a series of weeks. Matters migrated from Relativity were converted to ARM packages – which are created to facilitate archiving, moving and restoring Relativity workspaces – and ingested directly into Casepoint with no additional steps. Detailed processes were incorporated into the migration workflow to ensure coding, redactions, saved searches and other essential case team work product remained intact.

To dramatically reduce downtime for very active or very large databases, the migration incorporated a two-step “true up” process, which allowed Stoel Rives case teams to continue working in Relativity after the initial ARM package was created for a specific matter. Any new work product generated in Relativity after that point was delivered to Casepoint and immediately ingested on the cutover date, so that case data was current and complete as soon as the case team made the transition to the new platform. The seamless process meant Stoel Rives was able to complete a massive migration of data to the Casepoint platform – including data from current matters – with virtually no disruption of normal operations.

“The migration of so many large legal matters to the Casepoint platform was a complex and major undertaking, and we couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Kelly Roberts, Director of Practice Support at Stoel Rives. “We spent several productive weeks working closely with Casepoint to create an optimal workflow, test processes, and make adjustments. They also provided hands-on training onsite to smooth the transition from Relativity and ensure our team got quickly up to speed after the migration was completed. The Casepoint team provided excellent support throughout the entire process.”

“The migration to Casepoint is an important milestone for Stoel Rives and our clients,” said Ryan Schlunz, Chief Administrative & Innovation Officer at Stoel Rives. “We are already seeing significant cost savings with the new platform, and we are passing those savings on to our clients. Embracing innovative technology like the Casepoint platform is a big step forward for us as we continue to honor our commitment to clients to run our business efficiently, cost-effectively, and with a high level of accountability.”

Stoel Rives already has nearly 345 users among its employees and clients on the Casepoint platform. The firm is now using Casepoint exclusively for all of its eDiscovery functions unless an end client dictates otherwise. For more information about the Stoel Rives migration, go to: switch.casepoint.com


About Casepoint

Casepoint is a technology company focused on the digital transformation of litigation discovery. Casepoint’s cloud-based eDiscovery platform removes significant barriers from the discovery process, enabling legal teams to focus on the art of litigation. Features of Casepoint include a full-strength review platform with artificial intelligence pre-installed, cloud analytics and collections, and robust data processing capabilities all in a single technology platform. Based in the United States and with offices in three continents, Casepoint is repeatedly chosen by leading law firms, multinational corporations, and public sector clients for their largest, end-to-end discovery needs. Casepoint is smarter eDiscovery.


About Stoel Rives

Stoel Rives is a leading U.S. corporate and litigation law firm. One of the largest national firms focused on energy, natural resources, climate change and the environment, Stoel Rives also serves the agribusiness, food and beverage, healthcare, life sciences, and technology industries. With more than 350 attorneys operating out of ten offices in seven states and the District of Columbia, Stoel Rives is a leader in regulatory and compliance matters, and business, labor and employment, intellectual property, land use, and real estate development and construction law.


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