Casepoint, LLC announced today the opening of its new headquarters in Tysons, Virginia.

Tysons, VA – April 25, 2017

Casepoint is a full service eDiscovery company with its own technology suite and professional services arm. After years of growth and increasing demand, the company has expanded its headquarters to a new location just outside of Washington, DC. The new space enables Casepoint to make more room for its growing marketing department and corporate sales team. The office’s convenient location to the nation’s capital also provides greater access to the company’s expanding government and public sector support.

“Our new location in Tysons, Virginia makes it easier to interact with our federal and corporate interests. And as a cloud-based technology company, it also brings us directly adjacent to one of the world’s largest hubs of internet connectivity,” said Haresh Bhungalia, CEO of Casepoint.  “Our larger office will also provide the physical space we need accommodate our growing marketing and inside sales teams,” Mr. Bhungalia continued.

Casepoint continues to service its clients across the country through its many satellite offices, but is pleased to have its home base better situated for continued growth and expansion.


Casepoint provides full eDiscovery capabilities through a powerful, secure, cloud-based platform. Casepoint’s features include a full-strength review platform, pre-installed artificial intelligence, cloud analytics and collections, and first class data processing. We are repeatedly chosen by leading law firms and multinational corporations for their largest matters. Casepoint is smarter legal working.


Media Contact
James Lasson
Vice President of Marketing