Tysons, VA – January 25, 2018

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of SaaS technology development recently, few companies can boast that their AI features are already mature and evolved. Casepoint presents its second iteration of CaseAssist.

Casepoint’s approach to Artificial Intelligence is to digitally transform eDiscovery. As such, we take a human-centered design approach in our development with the intention to make eDiscovery accessible to users of all technological abilities.

The following features have been added to the second iteration of CaseAssist.

  • Chat-guided workflows with natural language interaction
  • Find key documents even faster by answering simple questions
  • Enhanced user interactions
  • Faster document predictions with high levels of accuracy
  • Identify connections between people, documents, dates, and terms

“Agile and iterative prototyping, combined with a two-year head start, has enabled Casepoint to lead in the area of artificial intelligence-driven eDiscovery,” says Chief Product Officer, Vishal Rajpara. He continues, “What sets Casepoint apart is the belief that AI is not an upsell opportunity. Rather we believe AI is a core part of the experience for any savvy eDiscovery user.”

The quick learning curve for Casepoint’s AI-driven features is not indicative of mediocre technological prowess. CaseAssist has evolved to the point that it is already in its second iteration while many are just getting started.  The accessibility of AI in Casepoint to all end-users, young and old, is indicative of expert design in development. Casepoint unveils it’s latest video depicting CaseAssist in advance of Legalweek 2018. You can follow Casepoint’s AI features by following the AI at Casepoint webpage.

Casepoint is a technology company focused on the digital transformation of litigation discovery. Casepoint’s cloud-based eDiscovery platform removes significant barriers from the discovery process, enabling legal teams to focus on the art of litigation. Features of Casepoint include a full-strength review platform with artificial intelligence pre-installed, cloud analytics and collections, and robust data processing capabilities all in a single technology platform. Based in the United States and with offices in three continents, Casepoint is repeatedly chosen by leading law firms, multinational corporations, and public sector clients for their largest, end-to-end discovery needs. Casepoint is smarter eDiscovery.


Media Contact
James Lasson
Vice President of Marketing