Chief information security officers are becoming the norm in eDiscovery companies as they grow their client base and venture into compliance and data breach prevention services.

A rarity 10 years ago, chief information security officers (CISO) are now being given a seat at the table at eDiscovery companies as such organizations look to grow their clientele and services.

To Sundhar Rajan, who’s held the CISO position at eDiscovery company Casepoint for nearly seven years, CISOs in peer companies have become the norm over the last eight years. For people in this role, the common task is to align their eDiscovery company’s goals with the need for security.

“Client data is the heart of the game,” Rajan said. “They need to be very careful about it and that they are responsible about it.” He added, “If anything happens to the client data our [company] reputation will be ruined in the market.”


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