Casepoint’s AI-powered eDiscovery solution to support its internal investigations and litigation needs.

TYSONS, Va., Jan 17, 2024Casepoint — the industry leader in legal discovery technology for litigation, investigations, FOIA, and compliance — today announced it has signed a contract with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA) to provide its AI-powered Legal Hold and eDiscovery solution to the organization. The contract includes a large-scale data migration from OPLA’s existing eDiscovery technology, into Casepoint’s secure, FedRAMP-authorized cloud platform.

In addition to migrating data from legacy eDiscovery systems, Casepoint brings the following capabilities to OPLA:

  • Data Integration: Casepoint’s platform seamlessly integrates with various data sources, enabling efficient data transfer — crucial for OPLA data hosted in Microsoft 365.
  • Advanced Search and Analysis: The platform enables the search and analysis of large volumes of data through clustering and concept searching, which enhances OPLA’s investigative capabilities.
  • Email Threading: Casepoint offers extensive email threading capabilities, which streamline the process of searching through vast document volumes.
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA): This feature reduces data volumes by pushing single instances of files out to workspaces, which cuts processing costs.
  • Collaboration Capabilities: Outside entities and organizations can be granted access to download OPLA’s produced files, which enables seamless collaboration.
  • Automated Redactions: Casepoint’s automated redaction feature allows OPLA to configure specific patterns across multiple documents and pages, which substantially narrows review time.
  • Support for Uncommon File Formats: Casepoint offers extensive support for a wide range of file types for processing and review.

“We’re proud and excited to be able to provide OPLA with our secure cloud solution so they can leverage legal hold, cloud collections, AI, and advanced analytics to support ICE’s mission of preserving national security and public safety,” said Amy Hilbert, Executive Vice President of Government Solutions at Casepoint. “We look forward to a seamless data migration and a successful partnership with OPLA.”

As more government agencies look to migrate from on-premises eDiscovery solutions, Casepoint’s configurable, cloud platform paired with the company’s extensive experience working with government agencies and migrating large volumes of data to the cloud, offers the highest value solution. The platform’s role-based access, which supports single-sign-on and multifactor authentication, enables secure cross-team collaboration. The platform also features built-in legal hold capabilities, cloud collections, configurable workflows, and powerful AI to automate the analysis of large volumes of complex data for increased cost savings and efficiency, all while fulfilling a government agency’s critical need for data security.

To learn more about Casepoint or to receive a demo, contact Casepoint’s Government Solutions team.

About Casepoint

Casepoint is a legal technology platform used by government agencies, corporations, and law firms to meet their complex eDiscovery, investigations, and compliance needs. Powered by cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics, Casepoint helps teams cut through large volumes of data to quickly identify insightful and actionable information. Casepoint’s secure and scalable cloud platform is designed to help organizations take control of their data and processes to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and lower overall legal spend. Casepoint’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides legal hold, cloud collections, powerful data processing, AI and advanced analytics, and review and production.

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