Case Summary

Casepoint worked with an Am Law 100 firm to automate cloud data collection and early case assessment for a large complex case involving a large digital advertising technology company. The firm needed to collect and process 1.7 TB of data consisting of over 6.3 million documents. The law firm’s existing in-house eDiscovery platform did not offer automated data collection, so they needed a new solution to be able to efficiently process this large data set and perform early case assessment to meet the client timelines.

The Solution

Casepoint’s powerful eDiscovery system was selected for the automated cloud collection capabilities and transparent pricing. The system was configured to collect data from thirteen different custodians out of a major cloud-based email system. This process was completed in days, while at the same time ECA and ESI processing tools culled 6.3M documents to 1.5M. This provided the case team with better estimates on turnaround time and budgets for the client.

Casepoint Impact

Casepoint‘s powerful automated cloud data collection capabilities won the day. The initial mammoth 6.3M document set was reduced to 1.5M using deDupe, deNIST, keyword, and date range filtering. Casepoint built-in AI and ECA tools further honed the data set to 60K highly relevant documents. 

This process was rapidly completed within days, and the data was delivered in the right format, and uploaded to the in-house review platform. Big data analytics and ECA tools expedited processing and further culled the reviewable data set to 60K documents. This allowed the law firm to complete the document review quickly and dramatically cut project costs for their client. Casepoint and the law firm continue to collaborate to deliver great results for their clients.

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Case Profile

  • AM Law 100 firm supporting a complex case for a large digital ad tech company
  • 1.7TB of cloud email data collected an processed
  • 6.3M documents rapidly culled down to a reviewable 60K
  • Documents delivered in the right format for seamless import to the in-house review platform
  • Review times expedited resulting in costs savings