Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions have been increasing across industry types and organization sizes.  Fines are growing larger each year so a quick and well-documented investigation will minimize the financial impact.

FCPA investigations require searching through large data sets for a relatively small number of important documents.  Foreign language and cultural components can further complicate or slow down document review.  In this complex Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Investigation, the client had an 8TB data set that needed to be reviewed in a tight 3 week turn around.


Full-strength eDiscovery Analytics, ECA Tools & Expert Consulting

Casepoint was selected to handle a very tight, three week turn-around project based on the power of the technology, AI and consulting resources.  Advanced Analytics and review tools were imperative to be able to process 8 TB of data, so the review teams could identify and produce relevant data quickly.  Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics built-in to the discovery platform enabled  legal teams to identify substantive data within large document collections quickly.  AI algorithms and early case assessment tools accelerated the review and aided the team’s decisionmaking process regarding case direction and budget.

Combined with an expert project team, Casepoint provided a consultative approach to help the client use the AI and search tools to find highly relevant documents within the required timeframe. Casepoint’s experts worked closely with the client to identify relevant file types and suggest best practices in using advanced technologies and efficient methodologies to identify target documents.

Casepoint’s analytics and culling tools help me to target potentially responsive information quickly…I was able to cull 98% of our collection volume, and focus our review only on the documents that truly mattered. And with sophisticated ECA tools like conversion mapping, I can target the most important documents at the very start of the case – long before a review team is ever involved.


Lightning Fast Processing and Analytics Makes All the Difference

The results were twofold: Time and Cost.  Using advanced analytics on the initial data, the client identified relevant documents starting on day one.  Faster data processing gave review teams targeted data and continued processing further culled 98% of the non-relevant data.  Smaller data sets resulted in a huge costs savings for a project of this size. Casepoint’s full-featured technology coupled with knowledgeable service delivered expert, efficient, and cost-effective results in this FCPA investigation.

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Project Summary

  • 8 TB of data processed 
  • AI utilized to quickly identify on-point documents
  • 98% of data culled by leveraging ECA tools
  • “On-the-fly” document translation