Case Summary

A high-profile congressional committee was conducting an investigation involving hundreds of custodians with data spread across multiple cloud-based email platforms and cloud data storage systems. eDiscovery for investigations are challenging because of the uncertainty if documents that support, or negate, the claim even exist at all.  

With over 1.2 million emails and documents in the initial data set, the committee needed a technology solution to automate eDiscovery data collection.  They also needed a reliable way to process this large data set rapidly and find relevant documents related to the investigation to meet the aggressive timelines.

The Solution

Secure ‘one-click’ cloud eDiscovery data collection tools

For this Congressional investigation, data needed to be collected from hundreds of cloud email and data systems.  Without a way to automate the data collection process it would be impossible to meet the investigation timelines.  Casepoint was selected for their robust eDiscovery software, data collection tools and AI powered analytics.  

Casepoint’s eDiscovery data collection tools made light work of collecting email and documents from Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, and Office 365, without missing a thing.  Once the data was in Casepoint, TAR tools and advanced analytics culled 1.2M documents down to 30K with high relevance to the congressional investigation.

Casepoint Impact

Casepoint was picked over a whole host of other eDiscovery solutions thanks to the innovative cloud integrations and powerful built-in analytics features. The client loved the range of capabilities we offer as standard:

  • Secure, eDiscovery data collection capabilities without multiple passwords/imports
  • A pure, 100% cloud-based solution that works seamlessly across popular data repositories
  • Big Data analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR)
  • Access from any device, on any browser, at any time

Casepoint’s reputation for strong project management and a simple, predictable pricing structure also provided value. Casepoint end-to-end discovery platform and cloud data collection tools were the perfect fit for this congressional Investigation and we are still working with the client to deliver great results.

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Project summary

  • High profile Congressional Investigation
  • 1.2M documents and emails
  • Secure ‘one-click’ cloud data collection tools condensed timelines
  • Advanced AI tools culled data set down to 30K reviewable documents