Case Summary

The Department of Justice filed a procurement fraud litigation case against a large federal contracting firm.  On initial review of the production data provided by the DOJ, counsel discovered the data lacked common data fields and did not include metadata.  It was clear that the production needed re-processing so that metadata could be extracted from the native data.

The lead AM Law 100 firm’s in-house eDiscovery software did not have the collection or analytics capabilities to handle reprocessing 6TB of data.  Several named individuals in the case also retained their own counsel, creating a complex legal representation scenario that would be difficult to manage without a standardized approach to eDiscovery and document review.

The Solution

Casepoint eDiscovery software was selected to reprocess the 8.5M documents using advanced analytics and ECA tools. The goal was to reprocess the data and capture the metadata from the native files. This process enabled Casepoint to apply AI driven analytics, to cull the documents down to a reasonable review size for the joint defense teams. Casepoint processed 6TB of data in an astonishing six days, then filtered and culled it for review and eventual production.

The Impact

Casepoint reprocessed the data quickly culling the original 8.5M documents to a potentially relevant set of 2M documents. The joint defense teams were able to share the cost of the technology which kept budgets manageable and also gave each case team consistent and reliable data. The ultimate outcome? A successful defense for the client and their litigation teams.

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