Discover how Casepoint worked with a global software company to meet a tight three-week deadline to support a challenging multinational eDiscovery case, rapidly processing 8TB of data that included forensic imagery and email archives.

What was the business challenge?

Casepoint had a tight three-week turnaround to reduce the 8TB matter to a meaningful data set. Sounds tight? It was. Encrypted Encase forensic images and other important data also needed to be extracted for filter, review, and production.

How did Casepoint deliver?

Casepoint’s flexible platform, which is able to support hundreds of file extensions, made it the obvious choice. Our expert project team helped deliver the job brilliantly too, meeting the challenge of rapidly processing complex forensic images and file types. Because most of the encrypted images contained irrelevant data, Casepoint’s experts worked closely with the client to identify relevant file types.

We also generated file reports to identify which file types could be processed within each image. The result was huge cost savings. Data sizes were reduced. Processing times were abbreviated. Teams were able to deliver data for review and batching the same day.

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Case Profile

  • 8TB of data in hundreds of different file types
  • Over 200K documents including sensitive forensic images
  • Litigation based on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Documents in Russian, Spanish and English; encrypted data productions
  • International legal counsel across multiple geographies