Why Casepoint FOIA?

The surge in FOIA requests has reached unprecedented levels for federal agencies. Unfortunately, many agencies still grapple with outdated legacy systems and manual processes, leading to clunky workflows, exorbitant costs, and restricted collaboration. To help agencies overcome these challenges, Casepoint has developed a groundbreaking end-to-end FOIA management solution — Casepoint FOIA.

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Unlike traditional approaches, Casepoint FOIA seamlessly integrates cutting-edge FOIA workflow tracking and management capabilities, a dedicated client portal, and compliance reporting. This seamlessness results in the most comprehensive FOIA solution in the Federal market. Say goodbye to fragmented workflows and lofty costs; Casepoint FOIA is designed to streamline the handling of FOIA requests with precision. And it’s all built within Casepoint’s FedRAMP-Authorized cloud platform, ensuring that your data is safe and secure at every turn.


With Casepoint FOIA, you can count on:

Faster Processing Faster Processing: Meet deadlines and deliver responsive records promptly.
Centralized Communication Centralized Communication: Efficiently manage correspondence with requesters and stakeholders.
Streamlined Workflows Streamlined Workflows: Monitor FOIA requests in real-time, from pending to completion.

Key Features at a Glance

Dedicated Requester Portal Dedicated Requester Portal: Simplify submissions and automatically access user requests.
File Format Support File Format Support: Ingest, process, view, and render over 600 file formats seamlessly.
eDiscovery Integration eDiscovery Integration: Leverage advanced review, analytics, and redaction capabilities.
Automated Notifications Automated Notifications: Eliminate a manual step and keep stakeholders informed at every stage.
AI-Powered Redactions AI-Powered Redactions: Apply bulk and automated redactions and implement robust quality controls to ensure accuracy.
FOIA Reading Room FOIA Reading Room: Establish a public repository of released documents to avoid producing the same documents multiple times. 
Reports for DOJ Reports for DOJ: Easily create compliance reports for the Department of Justice.

The Future of FOIA is Here

Say goodbye to outdated legacy tech, messy workflows, and manual notifications. No more toggling between disparate systems. Casepoint FOIA sets a new standard for federal agencies, offering a seamless, all-in-one system. Join the forward-thinking agencies benefiting from this innovation, and experience the future of FOIA management software with Casepoint FOIA.

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