Legal professionals understand that speed and accuracy are crucial for issuing legal holds to ensure defensibility and mitigate risk.  Casepoint legal hold transforms slow and manual processes into a streamlined workflow across roles and departments integrated into our unified discovery platform.

Save time and reduce risk associated with manual legal hold processes.  Easily configure custodian management to automate users notifications with customizable templates.   Track responses in a one secure solution to reduce time, costs and risk related to legal holds.

Our intuitive interface provides a single view of custodians, and our powerful API directly connects to email, cloud data sources and other databases.  The Preservation trigger allows data to be preserved in place and data is immediately available in Casepoint eDiscovery workspace for processing, ECA, review and analysis.

Casepoint’s platform represents the next generation of legal technology delivering increased productivity and efficiency through streamlining workflows on one secure platform.  By creating a seamless process for legal holds, collections and eDiscovery, our clients accelerate time to insight up to 83% and achieved up to 57% reduction in discovery-related costs.

Legal Hold Solution