Swiftly & Securely Preserve Critical Data

Government agencies are facing increasing challenges in the eDiscovery process due to the explosion of electronically stored information (ESI), rising litigation, cybersecurity risks, and tighter budgets. To address these challenges, it is crucial that government agencies adopt technology and procedures to streamline legal hold and eDiscovery.

Legal holds need to be issued accurately and in a timely fashion to ensure defensibility and mitigate risk. Manual and ad hoc processes are not only time-consuming but also expose agencies to unnecessary risks.

Casepoint Legal Hold

Transform Your Legal Hold Process

Casepoint Legal Hold delivers an automated, streamlined workflow that facilitates legal holds, data collection, and more. With Casepoint, you can easily configure custodian management to automate user notifications and track responses securely in one platform. The direct collection of data and documents ensures defensibility and reduces risk without the need for usernames or passwords. With Casepoint’s Legal Hold solution, transform your process:

Casepoint’s Legal Hold solution, transform your process

Ditch the spreadsheets, and opt for Casepoint Legal Hold for an efficient, cost-effective, and secure solution to the legal hold process.

To learn more about Casepoint’s advanced Legal Hold solution features and benefits, download the brochure.


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