Use Casepoint Cloud Collections to centralize resources, streamline processes, and bolster security. By adopting this sophisticated AI-powered solution, organizations gain a competitive edge, navigating complex legal scenarios, internal investigations, and compliance requirements with ease and efficiency.

Direct Collection from Your Platform

Casepoint seamlessly connects various applications, cloud-based data repositories, collaboration tools, and email databases into one unified repository. This ensures a secure, streamlined data collection procedure that guarantees defensible results, enabling faster initiation of reviews and subsequent actions.

Secure and Defensible Cloud Data Collection

Initiate an expedited and defensible data collection process through our user-friendly collection technology. By directly accessing cloud-based sources, the platform employs user-controlled authentication tokens instead of relying on extra logins or sensitive information like usernames and passwords. The mechanism identifies, preserves, and collects data stored in the cloud, employing robust encrypted authentication protocols.

Enhanced Efficiency Through Automated Collections

Efficiency skyrockets with the direct collection of data from cloud repositories and collaboration platforms. The process eliminates the need for additional logins or manual file transfers. Our collection technology is designed to be non-disruptive and scalable.

Why You’ll Love Casepoint Cloud Collections

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